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Students of the Fashion Design Studio Will Present Their Collections during Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week

Selected collections deigned by students of Bachelor’s and Master’s programme taught at the Fashion Design studio at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of TBU in Zlín will be presented on Monday, 3 May 2021, during the fashion show held within the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week.

The collections represent an authentic range of opinions on how clothing can be perceived: as a medium of communication to convey emotions, stories, messages and functions. The fashion collections were created during distance learning through online creative interaction between teachers and students under demanding conditions caused by the pandemic.

The Fashion Design studio participates in the largest Czech fashion event on a regular basis, nevertheless, this year’s fashion show will take the form of a drive-in cinema for the first time.

Students of the Fashion Design studio and their collections presented during the MBPFW FW 21

  • Ondřej Petr/ LINES OF LABOUR
  • Žofie Soldánová/ INCOGNITO FLAMINGO
  • Barbora Cingeľová/ MIKROKOZMOS
  • Adéla Švehlíková/ MEXICO
  • Miklíčková Barbora/ SECESSIO
  • Klára Majorová/ DeDe
  • Dominika Vespalcová/ TANGRAM
  • Tamara Koperová/ PARASCHUTIST
  • Tereza Koukalová/ BLOSSOM OUT
  • Martin Humpolák/ TOYBOY

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