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TBU to Renovate Its Assembly Hall and Residence Hall

Important building renovations are in preparation at Tomas Bata University in Zlín, planned to take place this year. The Assembly Hall and the Hall of Residence are set for a makeover.

Major renovation will involve a modernization of the Academia Centre’s Assembly Hall, which is located in the building of the Faculty of Management and Economics. The renovations commenced at the end of 2020. Auditorium seats as well as the stage have been removed from the Assembly Hall and its spaces have been turned into a construction site. The Assembly Hall was closed more than two years ago.

“The main reason for the closure of the Assembly Hall were deficiencies resulting in a failure to comply with fire safety regulations. The interior spaces are also significantly worn out, the technical condition is inadequate, and audio-visual elements, lighting, shading and acoustics are outdated,” explained RNDr. Alexander Černý, TBU Bursar.

The Academia Centre has been used to host various events, such as graduation ceremonies, festive gatherings of academic community and conferences, for more than 25 years. The renovated Assembly Hall will feature brand new equipment and technology, an adjacent lobby, cloakrooms and sanitary facilities.

“The renovation will involve three distinct areas. The most important requirement to be met in the actual area of the Assembly Hall, in addition to top conference equipment, was to have comfortable seating everywhere in the auditorium, which was previously not the case of about 40% of the seats,” added RNDr. Alexander Černý, TBU Bursar.

The concept of the renovation is based on an architectural study authored by the architect Prof. Eva Jiřičná, a Zlín native. The study puts great emphasis on the architectural and aesthetic appearance of new structures, as well as on the functionality and durability of newly installed elements, technology and interior equipment. The existing structures that allow this will be preserved to the maximum extent.

This renovation will be funded from TBU’s own financial resources. The repairs are expected to cost CZK 65 million. The renovation is expected to be completed by August 2021.

The Štefánikova Hall, located behind the Municipal Theatre, has been used for accommodation of approximately 200 students for more than fifty years, and is well past its service life. The interior equipment is worn out, the building’s technological equipment is beyond the service life limit.

“This Residence Hall has an unsatisfactory layout with sanitary facilities and a kitchenette shared by all rooms on relevant floor,” described Michal Navrátil, Director of TBU Halls of Residence and Refectory.

After the renovation, the Hall will become a functional, modern and aesthetic accommodation facility corresponding to contemporary and future trends. The renovations will involve modernization of the interior spaces and equipment. Each accommodation unit will have its own sanitary facilities and a kitchenette. The building will be adapted also for special needs persons.

“TBU has already obtained building permit for the construction project, as well as approved project documentation of the building and interior spaces,” added RNDr. Alexander Černý.

The total cost will exceed CZK 120 million. Subsidies will be used to pay for 60% of the amount, the remaining 40% will be paid for by the University. The renovation of the Residence Hall will commence in spring. TBU will offer alternative accommodation to students.

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