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Zlín Film Festival

We Closed the Zlín Film Festival with a Contest for Children from the TBU Nursery School

The 64th edition of the Zlín Film Festival is over, and we have put on an unforgettable event for pre-schoolers who attend the TBU Nursery School. We have prepared a thematic contest for them called “Can You Guess Fairy Tales by Emoji?”.

The fairy tales included both classic tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel, as well as modern stories from Walt Disney production. The event took place behind the building of the TBU Rectorate at the get-together spot (Covid memento) and was interspersed with the arrival of the popular characters Pat and Mat (inventive, but extremely clumsy handymen), who presented the children with prizes and gifts.

All the children involved deserve a huge thank you for their enthusiasm and for contributing to a great atmosphere! We are looking forward to the next edition of the Zlín Film Festival.


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