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Faculty of Management and Economics

Management and Marketing

Faculty: Faculty of Management and Economics Programme: Economics and Management Subject: Management and Marketing Form: Full time Type: Master's Language: English

After completing the core subjects (e.g. Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Quantitative Methods for Decision Making, Logistics, Business Information Systems, etc.) the students undergo professional training in the field of Management and Marketing. The training is focused on gaining general knowledge in specific managerial and marketing disciplines and skills to address current challenges in domestic organizations as well as international enterprises and institutions.

Graduates are acquainted with the knowledge to hold positions in the senior management and professional positions in industrial and business areas, public administration organizations, consulting and non-profit firms. Upon successful completion of the course, the most talented graduates will be able to continue their studies in a Ph.D. programme.

You can find the online application as well as all details of the admission procedure (specification of the entrance examination, required documents, Dean’s Directive) at apply.utb.cz.

Deadline for applications: check here
Payment details (tuition fee) for studies in a foreign language: available here

Tuition Fee: CZK 54,000 (approx. EUR 2,100) per 1 academic year
Bachelor Scholarship*: CZK 36,000 (approx. EUR 1,400) per 1 academic year

Information regarding TBU scholarships is available here.

* A student is entitled to receive a scholarship payment if s/he had the status of student in the given month for a minimum of 15 calendar days and has covered the tuition fee. The scholarship shall be paid automatically, i.e. without a request by the student.


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