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Faculty of Technology

Biomaterials and Cosmetics

Faculty: Faculty of Technology Programme: Biomaterials and Cosmetics Form: Full time, Part time Type: Master's Language: English

The urge to feel special about yourself has probably been planted into you during your bachelor‘s degree studies. We do not need to remind you of the fact that there is no similar program available anywhere else in the Czech Republic, do we? How many people have an opportunity like this? Having a degree in the technology of fats, detergents and cosmetics is not so common. Therefore, your future employment is well secured. In our Master’s programme you will deepen your knowledge of chemistry and the technology of fats, surfactants and proteins, sensory evaluations and analyses of food and cosmetics, molecular biology, cosmetics and cosmetology, contaminants in food and cosmetics, human nutrition, economics, management and marketing. A pretty long list huh? I guess you already know why employers will be fighting over you?

What courses can you look forward to?

  • Sensory evaluation of cosmetics
  • Food and cosmetics microbiology
  • Chemistry and technology of lipids
  • Analysis and evaluation of surfactants
  • Molecular biology
  • Special food technologies
  • Pharmacochemistry
  • Cosmetics and cosmetology
  • Polymers in cosmetics
  • Contaminants in food and cosmetics
  • Dermal pharmacology of immunology

Where can you find employment after graduation?

  • The technologist
  • Manager in the production of fats, detergents and cosmetics
  • Research and development
  • Manager in business organizations
  • Representatives of companies in the field
  • State administration
  • Food Inspection

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