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Faculty of Technology

Food Technology

Faculty: Faculty of Technology Programme: Food Technology Form: Full time, Part time Type: Master's Language: English

Anyone can eat, but not many can determine how each compound of food is produced, let alone make a subsequent analysis to prove their statement. You can be among the few chosen food wizards. In this two year follow up programme, you will have the opportunity to fully use your knowledge from previous studies in order to become an expert in food production technology and quality control in the food industry and in research and development institutions. Part of the study focuses on the disciplines dealing with chemical, biochemical, microbiological and sensory changes in food and beverages during their production and storage. Particular attention is paid to the relevant legislation and the process of getting food on the market with regard to food safety. After you master all of this, you can perhaps even produce your own TV show in which you let the people know what their favourite food is actually made of!

What courses can you look forward to?

  • Technology of Animal Food Production
  • Food Technology of Plant Foodstuffs
  • Principles of Food Preservation
  • Food Analysis and Evaluation
  • Laboratory of Food Microbiology
  • Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry in Food Technology
  • The Physical Characteristics of Foodstuffs/Food
  • Sensory Analysis of Food
  • Production of Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Bewerages
  • Processes in Food and Biochemical Production

Where can you find employment after graduation?

  • State administration
  • Control authorities
  • Food industry
  • Food production
  • Development and research in the food industry
  • Technologist of beverage or food production
  • Analyst

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