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Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Glass Design

Faculty: Faculty of Multimedia Communications Programme: Multimedia and Design Specialization: Glass Design Mode: Full time Type: Bachelor's Language: Czech

This programme is taught in Czech only

Tuition  focuses on the preparation of creative personalities in the field of glass design and free art. It is also directed at developing the student’s ability to coordinate and use related disciplines of applied arts in a complex spatial presentation. During the study, students will get a general overview of the issues of glassmaking, glass design and contemporary art by working on specific projects. Emphasis is placed on the individuality of the student and the originality of the solution, which is able to withstand the test of a real creative environment. During his / her work, the student will get acquainted with the procedures for working with the material (glass), acquires the knowledge necessary for the elaboration of the design and production documentation. Graduates are able to use glass in a progressive way in the context of contemporary art and design.

What courses can you look forward to?

  • Glass Design Studio
  • History of Design
  • Figural Drawing
  • Glass Labs
  • Technology og Glass Processing
  • Computing – Rhino
  • Copywriting
  • Visual Composition
  • History of Glass Design
  • Theory of Colours

What will you become and where will you find a job after graduation?

  • Consumer industry
  • Glass industry
  • Design studios, companies
  • Museums, galleries
  • Design instutions

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