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Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Glass Design

Faculty: Faculty of Multimedia Communications Programme: Multimedia and Design Specialization: Glass Design Mode: Full time Type: Master's Language: Czech

This programme is taught in Czech only

Teaching is focused on building an individual creative personality in the field of glass design and free art. Students get support in the field of interest which they want to develop during their studies. they use their existing knowledge of glassmaking, glass design and contemporary art. Emphasis is placed on the individuality of the student and the originality of the solution, which is able to withstand the test of a real creative environment. During the course of their studies, applicants complete a practical internship, providing them with the necessary knowledge in the field of glass design – from production documentation to implementation and mass production. Graduates are able to use their experience in a progressive way in the context of contemporary design and applied art.

What courses can you look forward to?

  • Glass Design Studio
  • Multimedia and Design
  • History of Modernity
  • Computing – Rhino
  • Presentations
  • Virtual Reality
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Contemporary Trends in Design

What will you become and where will you find a job after graduation?

  • Freelance artist
  • Consumer industry
  • Glass industry
  • Design studios and companies
  • Museums and galleries
  • Design institutions

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