List of Degree Courses

3909R011 Risk Control (Bc. Degree)

The aim of the study is to educate professionals in the field of risk analysis and management with application in industry and public administration. Student will gain knowledge of basic economic disciplines, applied computer science, crisis management, economics of crisis situations and the state security policy for the prevention of population protection. Graduates will be profiled in the knowledge engineering processes and their application in advanced technological processes in analysis and risk management. Graduates are educated to be used in lower management positions, such as business consultants, business institutions and government bodies.


3909R011 Risk Control (Bc. Degree)

Profile: Management of Manufacturing and Logistics Systems 

The aim of the profile is to educate experts in logistics management, who will have knowledge of the analysis process and risk management with application both in the private sector and in public administration. Within that profile graduates gain the knowledge of manufacturing and logistics systems management principles in industrial enterprises and tertiary sector organizations. Graduates will be employable at lower and middle management of industrial enterprises and tertiary sector organizations.


7401R012 Protection Population (Bc. Degree)

The aim of the study is to educate college-educated professionals who have the knowledge to perform the functions associated with crisis management and civil protection. Student will gain skills that apply in various executive positions of professional workers for crisis management at the level of municipalities and communities of extended powers, regional offices, etc. The graduates can find jobs in public administration in components of the integrated rescue system, civil emergency planning and fire protection.


3904R031 Environmental Risk Management (Bc. Degree)

The bachelor study programme Environmental Risk Management is aimed to preparation of experts eventually possessing abilities and job qualifications for activities related to management of risks in the natural/living environment at different levels in private and state administrative institutions and organization. Knowledge received in frame of interdisciplinary environmental, technical, social and economic disciplines integrated in the concept of present society protection warrants education of professionals that are able to understand specific aspects of prevention, monitoring and management of environmental risks and hazards in exceptional situations. Students get practical experience in the particular study fields of environmental risks, their prediction, modeling, analyses, evaluation and strategy assessment, as well as socio-cultural adaptation.

Master’s Programmes - full time

Society Security

Study has an interdisciplinary character and is aimed at deepening the knowledge of social science, natural science, legal and managerial and economic disciplines, computer science and their application in practice. Study based on the current needs stemming from the possible threat to society, population, the environment, the components of the national economy and critical infrastructure. Branches in the second year of study are divided into four following specializations:

Specialization "Risk Engineering"

Graduates will gain knowledge and skills in economics, management and crisis management, work safety, machinery and equipment, risk management, law and legislation, crisis management and protection in emergencies.

Specialization "Population Protection"

Graduates are knowledgeable
experts in the field of company security with a focus on protecting people, property, environment, critical infrastructure, logistic support emergencies and crisis situations. Separately oriented incurred in emergencies, carry out their comprehensive analysis and evaluation, and propose effective solutions comprehensive safeguarding the population.

Specialization "Environmental Security"

Graduates are experts specializing in the areas of environmental issues at regional, national and international level. They are ready for professional jobs in the fields of industry, environmental protection, public administration, as well as to function with direct responsibility in the field of crisis management and control of environmental risks.

Specialization "Risks Production and Logistics Processes"

Graduates can work in senior technical positions in logistics
. They can also work as designers of logistics systems in technical solutions to production, transportation, material handling, packaging and identification, supply, marketing, sales, maintenance, etc.