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Assembly Hall

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Seating Capacity

  • 419 seats


  • Carpeted stage, stage curtain (your logo can be placed here)
  • 2 dressing rooms with sanitary facilities
  • Technical booth
  • Projection screen 400 x 700 cm
  • Electrical connection points 2 x 16A = 400V, 1 x 32A = 400V, 1x 64A =400V, 8 x 10A = 230V
  • Internet access (RJ-45)
  • Air-conditioning (also in the Lobby)

Stage Lighting

  • 10 spotlights, light control desk

Audio Equipment

  • Sound distribution to the Hall and Lobby
  • Dynamic, condenser, cordless (standard and lapel) microphones
  • Music and speech reproduction (MCs, CDs and MDs)
  • Audio and video recording

Video Equipment

  • EIKI projector (10000 ANSI Lumens), 2K resolution, 4x7 m projection screen
  • Visualizer enabling the transmission of images onto the screen (A4 slides, books, printed forms)

Video Projection

  • Widescreen video projections (VHS, S.VHS, DVD, VGA, HDMI, SDI)
  • Video camera/notebook connection

Interpreting Equipment

  • we provide translation equipment and services

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Lecture Halls

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Seating Capacity
  • Lecture halls A, B, C and D: 75 seats
  • Lecture hall E: 60 seats
  • Data projector, computer, video, visualizer, overhead projector
  • From 30 June to 31 August all lecture halls are available for hire.


Seminar Room

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  • data projector
  • interactive whiteboard
  • flip chart
  • 220V electric plug
  • Internet connection available
  • audio may be added to presentations if required

Seating capacity: 50 seats


Conference Room (Lounge)

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Seating Capacity
  • 25 seats
  • magnetic board
  • Internet connection available
  • connection point


Exhibition and Presentation Areas

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Lobby 288.0 m2
Entrance Hall 100.0 m2
Quiet Zone 1 106.0 m2
Quiet Zone 01 145.6 m2
  • Exhibition stands
  • Exhibition display panels, panel screens
  • Tables and chairs
  • Sound distribution system
  • Electrical connection
  • Wired Internet connection and WiFi network (subject to negotiation)

We also provide floral, promotional and photography services. Other services can be negotiated.


Price List

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Academia Centre
Short Term Hire and Running Costs

Assembly Hall CZK 1,200
Lobby CZK 1,000
Dressing Room CZK 180
Conference Room (111) CZK 300
Otto Wichterle Hall CZK 800
Entrance Hall CZK 250
Quiet Zone (1) CZK 150
Quiet Zone (01) CZK 250
Seminar Room (0111) CZK 380
Lecture Hall (A, B, C, D, E) CZK 350

The price list is effective from 1 January 2014.

The above prices are charged per hour. They do not include VAT (21%). Audio-visual equipment hire rates and other services can be negotiated.

Please note:

Lecture halls may only be hired subject to availability.