About Us

International activities, mobility and cooperative ventures are of the highest priority for the faculty. The activities in these fields are organised and managed by the FAI International Relationships Department. The following are part of its core activities:

  • Student/Staff mobility to/from abroad
  • Foreign students at TBU (long-term, short-term)
  • International educational projects
  • The development of international cooperative ventures and the support of all activities leading to increasing and improving the level of "Internationalisation" at TBU
  • The promotion, linkage and support of mutual relationships with foreign institutions
  • The presentation of FAI, TBU at international educational trade-fairs / conferences, partner universities, cooperating institutions, embassies, etc.
  • The preparation and realisation of joint study programmes
  • The preparation and realisation of educational courses at TBU (e.g. Czech, Chinese, Russian, etc.)
  • The preparation and realisation of summer schools at TBU
  • The organisation of international activities at TBU (e.g. International Days, the International Week, etc.)
  • The creation of an international environment at the university
  • The spreading of the good name of the university abroad and increasing the prestige of TBU as an internationally-recognised institution