About Us

The Polymer Centre (CPM) is a research unit at the Faculty of Technology. Its main area of interest is basic, applied and industrial research into the engineering aspects of technologies and materials based on polymer composite structures. The researchers mainly focus on the rheology of polymer melts and suspensions, electrorheology, unstable polymer flows, thermodynamics of polymer systems, physical ageing, highly-filled polymer systems, percolation phenomena, molecular electronics, biodegradable polymers, interphase phenomena, and smart behaviour of polymer materials.
The results of the research conducted find application particularly in the rubber, plastics, automotive and textile industry, in medicine, agriculture and in the production of packaging materials as well as in the electrical and electronics industry and in nanotechnologies.
In the pedagogic field, attention is focused on PhD programmes.

Scientific and research orientation of the Polymer Centre

Processing of progressive polymer systems

  • Plastics processing
  • Preparation of bioactive polymer systems
  • Surface treatment of materials
  • Rubber processes and materials

Advanced polymer composite systems

  • Systems with sensoric properties
  • Multifunctional nanomaterials
  • Composites with electric and magnetic properties
  • Biocomposite systems

Significant awards

  • Prof. Ing. Martin Zatloukal, Ph.D. - SPE Fellow Award for scientific contribution in the area of process modelling during plastics processing and polymer rheology, 4/2013 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
  • Ing. Jiří Drábek  - Award by the Dean of the Faculty of Technology of TBU in Zlín
  • Ing. Miroslav Mrlík – 3rd place in the final national round of the Jean-Marie Lehn Prize for talented young chemists
  • M. Sc. Ilona Sergeevna Smolkova (Stepanova) – 1st place for the lecture: Single-domain iron oxide nanoparticles for magnetically mediated hyperthermia  in the section Nanochemistry and nanomaterials at the VII National Conference on Chemistry and Nanomaterials of Young Scientists "Mendeleev-2013" (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2 - 5 April 2013)