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Upcoming Events

January – June 2019

DateTitle of the eventBuildingRoomFromTo
24/01/2019Phenomenon 4.0 conferenceU18
21/02/2019Inauguration ceremony for TBU RectorU2AH
27/02/2019Lecture by Dr. Drbohlav: Psychology of Serial KillersU18Assembly Hall 1066pm8pm
09/03/2019E-sport tournamentU18
18/03/2019Lecture by Marek Brávník: Wealth CyclesU18
Assembly Hall 1066pm8pm
20/03/2019DEK a.s. – trainingU18
20/03/2019Lecture by Marek Slobodník: Across Africa on a ‘Pionýr’ MotorcycleU18
Assembly Hall 1067pm9pm
08-09/04/2019International WeekU13
11-12/04/2019Conference of Czech Pedagogical SocietyU18
12-13/04/2019Early care international workshopU18
07/05/2019Lecture by Dr. Drbohlav: Psychology of Serial KillersU18
Assembly Hall 1066pm8pm
15-16/05/2019Conference on Project ManagementU18
20/05 – 07/06/2019‘Shared Imagination’ exhibitionU18
24/05/201959th Zlín Film FestivalU13, U18


AH – Assembly Hall
LH/A,B,C – Lecture Halls
CR – Conference Room
L – Lobby
WH – Otto Wichterle Hall
EH – Entrance Hall
U13/131 – University Centre Lecture Hall


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