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Upcoming Events

July – October 2019

24/07/2019Debate & film screening in ZlínU18106 Assembly Hall19:0021:00
25/07/2019Effective Employee Selection – How to Avoid  Buying a Pig in a PokeU18210 Seminar room09:0012:30
16-18/08/2019Press Centre – Barum Czech Rally ZlínU13Atrium
05/09/2019XXIV Zlín Geriatric DayU18106 Assembly Hall
18/09/2019Bata’s Legacy to Europe – conferenceU13
23/10/2019Psychology of Serial KillersU18106 Assembly Hall


AH – Assembly Hall
LH/A,B,C – Lecture Halls
CR – Conference Room
L – Lobby
WH – Otto Wichterle Hall
EH – Entrance Hall
U13/131 – University Centre Lecture Hall


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