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Computer Network in University Halls of Residence

General Information

About the Network

The computer network in the buildings of the residence halls of TBU in Zlín forms part of the computer network of TBU in Zlín. Computers are connected to the Internet via CESNET2 Czech national research and education network.

Internet connection means connection of personal computers of students and staff accommodated in the Hall Štefánikova, Antonínova or TGM. The Internet connection is provided free of charge.

Students are allowed to use the Halls of Residence network only in order to fulfil their study-related or research responsibilities.

The main administrator of the TBU network is the Information Technology Centre, while the Information Technology Department of the TBU Halls of Residence is the local administrator of the TBU residence halls network.

Problems regarding the Halls of Residence network shall be reported to:

  • E-mail: or
  • Telephone: 57 603 6119
  • Problems are attended to during the working hours.
  • We do not guarantee that problems will be attended to outside working hours.
  • Problems reported to the above-mentioned contacts are attended to depending on their character and level of difficulty in the shortest time possible.

TBU Residence Halls with Internet Access

196 data sockets
2 sockets per double room
connection speed: 100 Mbps
209 data sockets
single room: 1 socket, double room: 1 socket, triple room: 2 sockets
connection speed: 100 Mbps
HALL TGM 3050 – U12
334 data sockets
2 sockets per double room
connection speed: 100 Mbps

Faculties and departments