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TBU for Action on the Climate

Ecology. Sustainability. Future.

Are you familiar with these issues?

Do you want to devote some of your free time to some good causes?

Come join our student association TBU for Action on the Climate!

TBU for Action on the Climate is based on the initiative of the Universities for Action on the Climate (www. univerzityzaklima.cz), which associates like-minded units from several Czech universities.

What visions do we have?

  • Encourage environmentally friendly behaviour of each individual at the university having a positive impact on his/her everyday life
  • Encourage the development of the university environment in accordance with the rules for sustainable development
  • Cooperate with other TBU partner organizations/institutions, and that in all relevant areas
  • Contribute to the good reputation of the university and promote its measures aimed at sustainable development
  • Raise awareness about the climate issue among the general public and promote measures to improve the climatic conditions at the regional level (town, region)

What are we supposed to do in particular?

  • Educate in the form of lectures, debates, workshops (and provide assistance through all stages – from the very first idea, through preparation and organization, to lecturing itself)
  • Cooperate with the TBU Technical Services on the organization and implementation of particular measures to achieve improvement in the sustainability of the university
  • Cooperate with the TBU Project Management Office on the preparation and submission of projects focused on sustainability
  • Organize events to raise awareness about the climate issue or events directly reducing carbon footprint (various swaps, workshops, etc.)
  • Visit secondary schools, participate in conferences, fairs

… and any other activities depending on the opportunities and initiatives of the members J

Do you want to learn more? Contact us with no commitment at zaklima@utb.cz.

Thank you for caring about our future.

TBU for Action on the Climate

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