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Courses at Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Level of offered courses

International students are allowed to choose freely which courses to take – possible recommendations/restrictions noted in column Note(s). Bachelor students are allowed to take master’s courses and the other way around so the column Degree programme states the level of the course and its difficulty. Master courses should be more complicated and the requirements might be higher.

Semester of study

Each course has defined in which semester it will be taught. It could be either in Winter or Summer semester. It cannot be changed. Nevertheless, some courses are offered in Both semesters.

Credit requirements

The required minimum number of selected credits is 15 ECTS per academic semester. The maximum number is not defined but we recommend 30 ECTS credits as the maximum.

Medium of instruction

The medium of instruction for courses offered below is English, if not stated differently.

List of courses for the international exchange students
The academic year 2021/2022 (Last update on 27/04/2022)
Course code (abbreviation)Course nameLecturerDegree programmeECTS creditsSemesterNote(s)
Animation Studio (KAAT)
XANAnimationprof. ak.mal. Ondrej Slivka,ArtD.Bachelor15Both
XDADDrawing and DesignMgr. art. Lívia Kožušková, Art.D.Bachelor10Both
Glass Design Studio (KADS)
XASK1Glass Design Studio 1prof. MgA. Petr Stanický, M.F.A.Bachelor10Winter
XASK2Glass Design Studio 2prof. MgA. Petr Stanický, M.F.A.Bachelor10Summer
Shoe Design Studio (KAOB)
XSM1Practical Shoe Making 1Ing. Martina Černeková, Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XAO5Shoe Design 5MgA. Jana BuchBachelor10Winter
XAO7Shoe Design 7MgA. Jana BuchMaster10Winter
XSM2Practical Shoe Making 2Ing. Martina Černeková, Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
XAO6Shoe Design 6MgA. Jana BuchBachelor10Summer
XAO8Shoe Design 8MgA. Jana BuchMaster10Summer
Fashion Design Studio (KAOD)
XAE1Fashion Design 1MgA. Alice Klouzková, PhD.Bachelor10Winter
XAE2Fashion Design 2MgA. Alice Klouzková, PhD.Bachelor10Summer
Product Design Studio (KADE)
XPD13D Design Studio 1doc. M.A. Vladimír KovaříkMaster10Winter
XPD23D Design Studio 2doc. M.A. Vladimír KovaříkMaster10Summer
Digital Design Studio (KADD)
XMG1Motion Graphics 1MgA. Václav OndroušekBachelor5Winter
XMUL2Multimedia 2Mgr. Pavel KrutilBachelor5Winter
XTDD1Visual Communication 1MgA. Václav SkácelBachelor10Winter
XMG2Motion Graphics 2MgA. Václav OndroušekBachelor5Summer
XMUL3Multimedia 3Mgr. Pavel KrutilBachelor5Summer
XTDD2Visual Communication 2MgA. Václav SkácelBachelor10Summer
Advertising Photography Studio (KARF)
XAF1Advertising Photography 1doc. Jan JindraBachelor10Winter
XSTF1Current Trends in Photography 1MgA. Matěj ChrenkaBachelor5Winter
XDF1History of Photography 1Bachelor5Winter
XAF2Advertising Photography 2doc. Jan JindraBachelor10Summer
XSTF2Current Trends in Photography 2MgA. Matěj ChrenkaBachelor5Summer
XDF2History of Photography 2Bachelor5Summer
Graphic Design Studio (KAGD)
XKR1Drawing 1MgA. Radek Petříček Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XAG1Graphic Design 1doc. Pavel NogaBachelor10Winter
XCODCorporate Designdr.ak.soch Rostislav IllíkMaster5Winter
XAG7Graphic Design 7doc. Pavel NogaMaster10Winter
XKR2Drawing 2MgA. Radek Petříček Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
XAG2Graphic Design 2doc. Pavel NogaBachelor10Summer
XAG8Graphic Design 8doc. Pavel NogaMaster10Summer
Spatial Design Studio (KAPT)
XAP3Spatial Design 3Ing. arch. Kamil KoláčekBachelor10Winter
XAP7Spatial Design 7Ing. arch. Kamil KoláčekMaster10Winter
XAP4Spatial Design 4Ing. arch. Kamil KoláčekBachelor10Summer
XAP8Spatial Design 8Ing. arch. Kamil KoláčekMaster10Summer
Industrial Design Studio (KAPD)
XP1RCAD Rhino 1MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XP3RCAD Rhino 3MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XAD3Industrial Design 3MgA. Ondřej Puchta Ph.D.Bachelor10Winter
XPERPerspectiveMgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XVR1Virtual Reality 1MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XVKOVisual Composition (Basics)MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XVK1Visual Composition 1MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XVK3Visual Composition 3 (3D)MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XP2RCAD Rhino 2MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
XP4RCAD Rhino 4MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
XAD4Industrial Design 4MgA. Ondřej Puchta Ph.D.Bachelor10Summer
XVR2Virtual Reality 2MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
XVK2Visual Composition 2 (3D Space)MgA. Jakub Hrdina Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
Audiovisual Arts Studio (KAAV)
XAAAudiovisual AtelierMgA. Irena Kocí Ph.D.Bachelor10Both
XAVPAudiovisual PracticeMgA. Irena Kocí Ph.D.Bachelor10Both
XFPFilm ProductionMgr. Lubomír KonečnýBachelor5Both
XCRCinematic Rebels of our TimeMgr. Jana BébarováBachelor5Winter
XDS1Directing and Screenwriting 1Daniel Sampey, MFABachelor5Winter
XSDA1Sound Design in Animation 1MgA. Pavel HrudaBachelor5Winter
XFAB1Film Analysis 1prof. Ludovít Labík, ArtD.Master5Winter
XDS2Directing and Screenwriting 2Daniel Sampey, MFABachelor5Summer
XSDA2Sound Design in Animation 2MgA. Pavel HrudaBachelor5Summer
XFAB2Film Analysis 2prof. Ludovít Labík, ArtD.Master5Summer
Department of Theoretical Studies (KKTS)
XPI3Calligraphy and Typography 3M.A. Lenka BaroňováBachelor5Winter
XCHCCChapters from the Czech CinematographyMgr. Markéta DvořáčkováBachelor5Winter
XCVACzech Visual Art in the 20th Century and TodayMgr. H. Maňasová Hradská, Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XDD1History of Design 1doc. PhDr. Zdeno Kolesár, Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XDF1History of Photography 1MgA. Adam KenckiBachelor5Winter
XHUF1Music in Film 1prof. Jakub Kudláč, Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XCTD1Current Trends in Czech Design IMgA. Vít Jakubíček Ph.D.Master5Winter
XDEH1History of Music 1prof. Jakub Kudláč, Ph.D.Master5Winter
XPI4Calligraphy and Typography 4M.A. Lenka BaroňováBachelor5Summer
XDD2History of Design 2doc. PhDr. Zdeno Kolesár, Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
XDF2History of Photography 2MgA. Adam KenckiBachelor5Summer
XHUF2Music in Film 2prof. Jakub Kudláč, Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
XUCZThe Utopian Industrial City of Zlín and Film CultureMgr. Markéta DvořáčkováBachelor5Summer
XCVCContemporary Visual CultureMgr. H. Maňasová Hradská, Ph.D.Master5Summer
XCTD2Current Trends in Czech Design 2MgA. Vít Jakubíček PhD.Master5Summer
XDEH2History of Music 2prof. Jakub Kudláč, Ph.D.Master5Summer
XSOFPProject Management Software SupportIng. Eva ŠvirákováMaster5Summer
Arts Management (CJV)
XEAM1English for Arts ManagementMgr. Hana AtchesonMaster5Winter
XEAM2English for Arts ManagementMgr. Hana AtchesonMaster5Summer
Department of Marketing Communications (KUMK)
XICPIntercultural ProjectsMgr. Eva Gartnerová Ph.D.Bachelor5Both
XCUMACross-Cultural Marketing and Advertisingdoc. Dagmar Weberová, Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XMAR1Marketing 1Ing. Radomila Soukalová, Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XMARNNon-Profit Sector Marketingdoc. Radim Bačuvčík, Ph.D.Bachelor5Winter
XREK1Advertising 1Mgr. Kamila Gamalová, MBAMaster5Winter
XANG1Business English in Marketing Communications 1doc. Dagmar Weberová, Ph.D.Master5Winter
XEMA1E-marketingMgr. Martin KazíkMaster5Winter
XGAMCGlobal Aspects in Marketing Communicationsdoc. Dagmar Weberová, Ph.D.Master5Winter
XPBR1Public RelationsMgr. Kamila Gamalová, MBAMaster5Winter
XODCThe Origins and Development of Communicationprof. Jiří Pavelka, CSc.Master5Winter
XARG1Theory of ArgumentationMgr. Michal Stránský, Ph.D.Master5Winter
XMAR2Marketing 2Ing. Radomila Soukalová, Ph.D.Bachelor5Summer
XPMIPProject Management in PracticeMgr. Kamila Gamalová, MBABachelor5Summer
XREK2Advertising 2Mgr. Kamila Gamalová, MBAMaster5Summer
XANG2Business English in Marketing Communications 2doc. Dagmar Weberová, Ph.D.Master5Summer
XCCUCCross-Cultural Communicationdoc. Dagmar Weberová, Ph.D.Master5Summer
XCCMECross-Cultural Managementdoc. Dagmar Weberová, Ph.D.Master5Summer
XCULMCultural ManagementMgr. Eva Gartnerová Ph.D.Master5Summer

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