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Courses at Faculty of Applied Informatics

List of special programmes and individual courses offered to international students:
International students are allowed to choose freely which courses to take.
Each student should achieve 30 credits (minimum amount is 15 ECTS per semester).

Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleLecturerNo. Of CreditsSemester
AEDIRDiscrete Control Systems Ing. Pavel Navrátil, Ph.D.6W , S
AEGISGeographic Information Systems Ing. Bc. Pavel Vařacha, Ph.D.4W , S
AEMBUBuildings Management Ing. Martin Zálešák, CSc.3W , S
AEMDSModelling of Dynamic Systems Ing. Jiří Pecha, Ph.D.5W , S
AEMMIMultimedia Ing. Tomáš Sysala, Ph.D.4W , S
AEMPCMicrocomputer programming Ing. Jan Dolinay, Ph.D.6W , S
AEOPTOptimisation prof. Ing. Roman Prokop, CSc.4W , S
AEPLCProgrammable Logic Computers Ing. Jan Dolinay, Ph.D.4W , S
AESTPHVAC systemsIng. Martin Zálešák, CSc.6W , S
AETBDBuilding Technologies Ing. Martin Zálešák, CSc.4W , S
AETESSystem Theory Ing. Libor Pekař, Ph.D.5W , S
AETMPTechnical Measurements in HVAC Ing. Martin Zálešák, CSc.6W , S
AEVPISpecial parts of process engineering Ing. Martin Zálešák, CSc.7W , S
AEEPEElectrotechnics and industrial electronics Ing. Lubomír Macků, Ph.D.6S (only)
AEMELMicroelectronics Ing. Lubomír Macků, Ph.D.4W (only)
AEZSZSignal processing doc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D.3W , S
AEADSAlgorithms and data structures Ing. Tomáš Dulík, Ph.D.5W , S
AEEVTEvolutionary Computation doc. Ing. Roman Šenkeřík, Ph.D.6W , S
AEBISSecurity of Information Systems prof. Mgr. Roman Jašek, Ph.D.4W , S
AEJAVJAVA Technology Ing. Bc. Pavel Vařacha, Ph.D.4W , S
AEKRYCryptology doc. Ing. Roman Šenkeřík, Ph.D.5W , S
AEMAIMathematical Informatics doc. Ing. Roman Šenkeřík, Ph.D.5W , S
AEUNSArtificial Neural Networks doc. Ing. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D.4W , S
AENET.NET TechnologyIng. Bc. Pavel Vařacha, Ph.D.2W , S
AETWWWWW technology Ing. Radek Vala, Ph.D.4W , S
AEMA1Mathematics I RNDr. Martin Fajkus, Ph.D.6W , S
AEMATMathematics II Mgr. Jana Řezníčková, Ph.D.6W , S
AEMSTMathematical statistics Ing. Dušan Hrabec5W , S
AEZMAFoundations of Mathematics Mgr. Jana Řezníčková, Ph.D.5W , S
AEDRIDifferential equations Mgr. Jana Řezníčková, Ph.D.4W , S
AEARPComputer hardware architecture doc. Ing. Martin Sysel, Ph.D.5W , S
AEDBSDatabase systems doc. Ing. Zdenka Prokopová, CSc.5W , S
AEHRPField Programmable Gate Array prof. Ing. Karel Vlček, CSc.4W , S
AEOSZOperating Systems doc. Ing. Martin Sysel, Ph.D.4W , S
AEPAPAdvanced Architecture of Processors prof. Ing. Karel Vlček, CSc.5W , S
AEPSZComputer Networks doc. Ing. Jiří Vojtěšek, Ph.D.4W , S
AESWISoftware engineering Ing. Radek Šilhavý, Ph.D.4W , S
AETSZTelecommunication systems prof. Ing. Karel Vlček, CSc.4W , S
AEASPAnalysis and Simulation of Technological Processes doc. Ing. František Gazdoš, Ph.D.5W , S
AEIDSSystem identification doc. Ing. Marek Kubalčík, Ph.D.5W , S
AEMASMatlab and Simulink  Ing. Karel Perůtka, Ph.D.2W , S
AERTPProcess Control doc. Ing. František Gazdoš, Ph.D.4W , S
AEKSWSoftware in Office Ing. Karel Perůtka, Ph.D.3W , S
AESWCSoftcomputingdoc. Ing. Zuzana Komínková Oplatková, Ph.D.5W , S
AEOPRObject Oriented ProgrammingIng. Pavel Vařacha, Ph.D5W,S

*) W, S = all courses are available in both semesters

*) W, S = all courses are available in both semesters

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