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Information Technology Centre

ITC Helpdesk

Helpdesk for Users (TBU Students and Staff)

If you have a problem and are at a loss, please contact us via our helpdesk system. We will be quickly informed about the problem; the problem will be recorded by our system, and that including the problem solving process. To make it easier for you, we have classified the problematic situations in the table below.

E-mail address If the problem refers to
stag@utb.cz information system for studies’ administration (IS/STAG)
sap@utb.cz information system for financial management (SAP)
prukaz@utb.cz employee ID card or student ID card
network@utb.cz computer network, user account, e-mail, IP address, DNS record, file system
wifi@utb.cz WiFi network (eduroam)
abuse@utb.cz intended for reporting security incidents
rt@utb.cz if you are not sure about how to classify the problem


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