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General Arrangements for the Recognition of Prior Learning

Long-term degree students who have obtained their secondary/university education outside the Czech Republic are required by law to go through the process of getting their degree formally recognized, before they can be registered as full-time students.

• the Request (available from the International Office)
• an original or certified copy of the secondary education/university diploma, examination certificate or similar proof of the completion of studies issued by a foreign university
• an original or certified copy of the diploma supplement or a certified copy of the transcript of records
• original translations of both proofs into Czech language. (recognition of the secondary education)
• original translations of both proofs into Czech or English language (recognition of the university education)

The TBU International Office will help you with all formal documentation.

The recognition does not apply to students who have acquired secondary or higher education in Slovakia.

For more information see the Internal Regulations of TBU in Zlín.

Acknowledgement of Part of Study

In compliance with the Study and Examination Rules of TBU in Zlín, Article 23:
1) Upon the student’s written request, completed parts of study or individual credits and examinations may be acknowledged. Under Section 60 Para 2 of the Act, this applies to those students who have completed a degree programme or one of its parts, or are studying in another degree programme at a higher education institution in the Czech Republic or abroad, or to the successful graduates in lifelong learning programmes. The specialization of the completed degree programme or its part, the credit assessment score attained in individual course units completed within the degree programme, the results achieved and the length of the period elapsed after completing the previous studies are primarily taken into consideration within the decision procedure. Particular conditions of credit and examination acknowledgement may be modified by the relevant internal regulation of the Faculty or TBU.
2) Acknowledgement of any part of study may be conditional upon taking equivalency examinations.
3) The acknowledged part of study or acknowledged individual credits and examinations are allocated the appropriate credit assessment score corresponding to the given degree programme.
4) If any part of study is acknowledged, the number of years corresponding to the total credit assessment score of the acknowledged part of study is added up to the student’s total length of study. This is based on the pace of study that is considered essential for completing the student’s degree programme in the standard period of time.
5) Decisions relating to acknowledging parts of study or individual credits and examinations are made by the Dean taking into consideration the opinions of the authorized member of the Degree Programme Board or the guarantor of the course unit. The decision procedure relating to this matter is governed by Section 68 of the Act.

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