Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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Information on the Institution

General Registration Procedures

Student Enrolment

The criteria for admission to study in degree programmes and the admission principles are specified in the Statute of TBU in Zlín in Articles 7, 8, 9, 10.

1. Registration procedures in degree programmes accredited in the Czech language
The applicants are registered electronically at the University Portal upon their admission, full records on students including personal and contact details and study records are entered into the University Portal by the officer in charge at the Student Affairs Office at the relevant Faculty.

2. Registration procedures in degree programmes accredited in the English language

Long–Term Degree Students
Tomas Bata University offers a wide range of degree programmes both in the Czech and the English language. To assess the progress in studies, a unified credit system compatible with the ECTS standard is used for all TBU degree programmes. Moreover, the University was awarded the Diploma Supplement Label by the European Commission, which has raised TBU’s prestige and reputation among European higher education institutions.

Degree Studies in English

Short–Term Exchange Students
Exchange students can apply for a short-term study period at TBU either within the Erasmus exchange programme (a Bilateral Agreement has to be concluded between TBU and the sending institution) or as free-movers within any other exchange programme, which does not have to be based on a Partnership Agreement between TBU and the sending institution. Each exchange student is expected to obtain 30 credits per semester.

If you want to be successfully involved in the selection process, the two following documents have to be delivered to the TBU International Office by the application deadline:
– Exchange Student Application Form
– Learning Agreement

Both documents have to be filled in and printed from the TBU informational system called “Portál”. To help you with your orientation in the sytem and to give you a step-by-step assitance, the Manual for Exchange Incoming Students was prepared.

When sending the forms to the Tomas Bata University International Office, supporting materials should be attached:
– Copy of the student identity card
– Transcript of Records
– CV

– 1 June – for the winter semester or the full academic year
– 1 November – for the summer semester.

More information for incoming students

Registration for Studies

The criteria for registration are specified in the Statute of TBU in Zlín in Article 11.

(1) In compliance with § 51 of the Act, applicants admitted to study are entitled to enrol in the University. Each applicant is required to enrol in person on the given date. Applicants may excuse their absence in writing:
a) Before the given date,
b) After the given date, and that in exceptional cases, particularly due to major health problems, however, within 5 days at the latest. The enrolment in degree programmes accredited to be taught in a foreign language takes place in the English language.
(2) Applicants who study in another Bachelor’s or in a non-follow-up Master’s degree programme must pay a tuition fee in compliance with § 58 Paragraph 4 of the Act; this is a condition for their enrolment to study.
(3) Applicants admitted to study lose the right to enrol in case they:
a) Fail to appear and excuse themselves within the set deadline or
b) Fail to appear but have excused themselves within the set deadline; nevertheless, the excuse has not been accepted.
(4) In the event that the excuse:
a) Has been accepted, an alternative date or form of enrolment to study shall be specified,
b) Has not been accepted, the applicant must be without delay informed in writing about this fact (in a letter “to be delivered to addressee only”).
(5) Final decisions on excuses, alternative dates or forms of enrolment in degree programmes implemented by a faculty are to be taken by the Dean of the relevant faculty; in degree programmes implemented directly by TBU by the Rector.
(6) The Study and Examinations Regulations of TBU in Zlín regulate the enrolment in the following year of study.

Applicants who have enrolled become members of the University Academic Community at the relevant faculty, with all rights and duties stipulated in § 62 and § 63 of the Act, until the date of completion or interruption of their studies.

Faculties and departments