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Practical Information


In order to book accommodation you have to register with our accommodation ISKAM online system and pay a deposit. Manual is available here. The VISA accommodation contract you have been provided with together with the admission documents serves primarily for VISA purposes. You cannot expect to be assigned a bed in the University Residence Hall without registering with the ISKAM system and without confirming the booking of accommodation by paying a deposit of CZK 2,500 CZK (also possible via ISKAM system). Also if you fail to pay the deposit 14 days before the start of the accommodation contract validity, it will not come into force. By paying the deposit, you, therefore, confirm the validity of the accommodation contract. You may pay the deposit by charging the amount of (CZK 2,500) with your debit or credit bank card to your ISKAM account and then use this credit to pay the depaosit via the ISKAM system.

By booking the bed via ISKAM online system (where you may also check the sttus of your deposit payment) you will confirm that there is a bed actually booked for you in one of the rooms of the Residence Hall. When booking a bed via ISKAM (or registering with the WAITING LIST for international students), book accommodation from the date you will actually arrive in Zlín (if you are not quite sure about the exact date of arrival, just book it approximately for that day or few days before). DO NOT book accommodation from the starting date specified in your VISA accommodation contract (usually 1st of September which is the commencement date of the academic year) if you already know that you will arrive later. Because this date is a date for which the Residence Hall will actually book a bed for you (if there are beds available) and if you book a bed via ISKAM for an earlier date than you will arrive, you will have to pay the rent from the date you have stated in the first booking for the whole time until you finally arrive.

Example: “You have a VISA accommodation contract valid from 1st of September till 31st of August. But you know that you will not get a visa sooner than the end of October, and that you can arrive, for example, on 25th October. Thus, you should book your bed in the ISKAM system from 25 October, so that you do not have to pay the rent for September, for the months before your arrival when you will not actually be here.”

More information

The accommodation is prepared for you in the University Halls of Residence. The address of the Residence Hall is:

nám. T. G. Masaryka 3050, 76001 Zlín.


The person in charge is available at the reception of the Hall 24/7, so do not worry that you will not receive the keys of your room if you arrive in the evening or at night time.

In the Hall TGM you will be provided with accommodation in double rooms that form part of a dormitory with shared facilities – the dormitory consists of two rooms, a kitchenette (including a fridge and induction hot plate – dish with special bottom adjustment is required) and a sanitary facility. There are no dishes in the kitchenette available, nevertheless, your room is fully furnished; there is a blanket and a pillow and clean bedlinen will be given to you every month. There are also 5 washing machines, some irons and ironing boards and an internet room available for you.

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