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Practical Information

Health Insurance

Travel health insurance for an amount of at least EUR 60,000 in the Czech Republic an (such insurance shall be presented before affixing the visa in the passport; however, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic recommends presenting the medical insurance contract at the time of submission of the visa application); the medical insurance contract and the information about insurance conditions should be translated by a certified translator (if not in the Czech language) – information about recommended health insurance companies for study periods in the Czech Republic will be given to you by the International Office along with admission documents.

In the case a foreign national asks for issuing a long-term residence permit abroad and submitting a proof of travel health insurance is required, such insurance must cover costs associated with necessary and urgent health care, including the costs associated with transportation, including mortal remains in the event of death, and such insurance must not exclude providing an insurance payment in the case of accident caused by a wilful act, negligence or contributory negligence of the insured, even as a result of drinking alcohol, taking narcotics or psychotropic drugs by the insured. The amount of the insurance payment limit must be at least EUR 60,000.00.

If a foreign national submits the application abroad, the travel health insurance can be taken out not only at an insurance company authorized to provide such insurance in the territory of the Czech Republic, but also at an insurance company which is entitled to provide such insurance in the other member states of the European Union and/or in a state which is bound by the Treaty on the European Economic Area (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway), or in a state where the foreign national is a citizen or where he/she has a permitted residence. In such cases, the foreign national is obliged to submit an officially authenticated translation of the insurance policy and general insurance terms and conditions to Czech together with the proof of travel health insurance. Upon request, he/she shall also submit a proof of the payment of insurance premium for the whole term of required stay in the territory.

A foreign national is not required to submit a proof of travel health insurance if he/she is a participant in the public health insurance or if the payment of costs of healthcare is paid on the basis of an international treaty, or if the foreign national proves that healthcare is paid in a different manner (i.e. on the basis of a written undertaking of a legal entity if the foreign national’s stay in the territory of the Czech Republic is beneficial for the development of spiritual values, protection of human rights and/or other humanitarian values, protection of the environment, cultural monuments and traditions, the development of science, education, sport or on the basis of a written undertaking of a state authority and/or on the basis of an undertaking contained in an invitation authenticated by the Police). Recommended health insurance companies: Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., AXA životní pojišťovna, MAXIMA pojišťovna, a.s. (most of hospitals in the CR support these companies).

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