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CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies) is a central European university exchange programme focussing on regional cooperation within the network of universities. The CEEPUS Agreement has been signed by Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, North Macedonia, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia. The University of Prishtina, Prizren and Peja in Kosovo are participating as well.

Pregradual students with at least two finished semesters, postgradual students and academic persons of public universities are all elligible for the programme.

It is also possible to apply for individual mobility (the freemover format). However, the programme´s main focus are the network mobilities.

The goal of the programme is the creation of Central European university network, composed of individual thematic projects.

More information is possible to find here:

TBU is currently involved in the following networks:

Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management

Coordinator: Ing. Jan Strohmandl, Ph.D.

CIII-RS-1011-05-1920 / CIII-RS-1011-06-2021

Faculty of Management and Economics

Coordinator: Ing. Přemysl Pálka, Ph.D.

CIII-SK-0505-08-1718 Rural Tourism Programs Network


Faculty of Technology

CIII-HR-0108-13-1920 / CIII-HR-0108-14-2021prof. Ing. Katarína Monková, PhD.
CIII-PL-0033-15-1920 / CIII-PL-0033-16-2021doc. Ing. Soňa Rusnáková, Ph.D.
CIII-PL-0901-06-1920 / CIII-PL-0901-07-2021prof. Ing. Katarína Monková, PhD.
CIII-RO-0013-15-1920 / CIII-RO-0013-16-2021doc. Ing. Soňa Rusnáková, Ph.D.
CIII-RO-0202-13-1920 / CIII-RO-0202-14-2021prof. Ing. Berenika Hausnerová, Ph.D.
CIII-SK-0067-15-1920 (Umbrella Network) / CIII-SK-0067-16-2021prof. Dr.Ing. Vladimír Pata
CIII-SK-1018-05-1920 / CIII-SK-1018-06-2021doc. RNDr. Leona Buňková, Ph.D.

Faculties and departments