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Outgoing Students

Practical Information

We can guarantee that going abroad will be a very enriching and fun experience, but it also requires you to take care of some less fun, but necessary paperwork and to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Here are a few practical tips that can make your experience safer and therefore more enjoyable.


Travelling around the Schengen Area is allowed with a valid Czech long-term visa or a long-term permit (up to 90 days). TBU foreign students need to check conditions of staying abroad at specific Embassy of country, where they are planning to study at least three months before they departure. Keep in mind that in some cases a consulate or embassy might be outside of the Czech Republic.

Health Insurance

Student should provide to the International Office a necessary travel insurance before departure (copy of European Health Insurance Card or Insurance Contract is compulsory part of Scholarship – Grant Agreement). Make sure your health insurance is accepted / covers your destination country.

In case of traineeship, student should take out insurance covering accident insurance, liability for damage and medical expenses.

Few more tips

Register at the Embassy at your destination and subscribe to their mailing list (when available). They can more easily inform you and trace you in case of calamity, but also they can invite you for some interesting events.

Take some extra cash in case your bank card is blocked or lost.

Keep digital copies of all your documents (especially passport and ID)

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