Degree Studies in English

Study programme Philology, Degree course English for Business Administration

Study programme


Degree course

English for Business Administration

Form of study


Standard length of study, degree

3 academic years; Bc.

Number of applicants in 2016/17


Number of students admitted in 2016/17


Requirements for study and subjects of entrance exam

The entrance examination has the form of written test in English. The test takes 60 minutes and includes grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and also writing on a given topic. Every task is evaluated individually; the maximum number of points is 50. Those who achieve at least 30 points pass the examination and will be included in the final list.


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Admissions Procedure Regulations (2017/2018)

General Characteristics:

This study course is primarily designed for students from abroad but it can also be entered by domestic applicants. Students enrolled in this course are charged tuition fees (for the academic year 2016/2017 the fee will amount to CZK 50,000). The study programme has been developed as a profession-oriented Bachelor’s degree programme focused on the current and future needs of experts in the field of Management English.

Graduate Profile and Careers:

The aim of the degree programme is to produce graduates who have sufficient knowledge of spoken and written English as well as important professional managerial competences. Graduates not only acquire profound knowledge of general and specialist subjects but also gain practical experience and adaptability that are highly relevant for any career in business. Besides acquiring a good knowledge of the English language, graduates learn how to communicate in another world language and Czech (this applies to students from abroad). Graduates in English for Business Administration have both very good knowledge of spoken and written English and knowledge concerning business administration. This course opens a wide range of careers in private and state-run enterprises with foreign participation, financial institutions, foreign trade, and companies communicating in English. Graduates can work as assistants to managers, officials, and translators of technical texts, especially economic ones, into their mother tongue. They may also hold various positions in lower management. Thanks to the knowledge of English and economics, the graduates will be able to hold business meetings and negotiations with their foreign partners, present their company, products or services, and keep business documentation in English (objectively, stylistically, grammatically and formally correct and accurate).