Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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General Information for Students


All students can buy two meals a day at reduced prices in the Refectory, which is located in the U4 building, in the University Centre (U13 building) and at the Faculty of Applied Informatics (U5 building). Meals are served Monday through Friday.

A certain amount of money must be loaded onto the Student ID Card prior to its first use. The minimum amount that can be loaded is CZK 200. You can get the Card loaded at the Refectory Complains Department or at the cash desk at the end of the serving line. Using the Card, the payment for the food is made automatically with every meal taken.

On campus there are several catering options for where students can have lunch or snacks.
Refectory (building U4)
Cafeteria (building U2)
Restaurant (building U13)
Refectory and Cafeteria (U5)

More information about catering facilities.

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