Tomas Bata University in Zlín

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General Information for Students

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is lower than in the old member countries of the European Union. A student needs approx. CZK 5,000 – 6,000 per month to cover the basic costs such as catering, accommodation and transport. The amount depends, of course, on the individual needs, requirements and the standard of living of each student.

The Czech currency is the Crown (“koruna” in Czech, abbreviated Kč). In the Czech Republic the following coins are in circulation: 1 crown, 2 crowns, 5 crowns, 10 crowns, 20 crowns and 50 crowns. In addition to the above-mentioned coins there are the following notes: 100 crowns, 200 crowns, 500 crowns, 1,000 crowns, 2,000 crowns and 5,000 crowns.

Money Matters
The cost of living is lower in the Czech Republic compared to other European countries. Cash machines are usually the easiest and the cheapest way of managing money here. There are lots of them located conveniently through­out the Zlín town centre. You can also pay by credit card in most stores. For­eign currency can be exchanged at any bank or exchange office; though you might check around to see which one gives the best rate, since these can vary a little.

Tipping is normally expected in restaurants and bars and also in hairdress­er’s, barber’s and other places providing such services. The recommended tip is approximately 10%, rounded up to the nearest 10 crowns. However, you should not leave change on the table – it is just not done. Instead, name the total amount you intend to pay, including the tip, when you are given the bill.

Operating a bank account from your home country may be quite expen­sive. Opening a bank account in the Czech Republic is quite easy and with no special limitations for foreigners. Most banks (Air bank, Fio bank, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, GE Money Bank, Komerční banka, Raiffeisenbank, Volks­bank, etc.) will only need your ID card or a passport and a confirmation of study to open an account for you.

Postal and Telephone Service
Most post offices are open on weekdays only. You can buy stamps at the post office or from news-stands. Posted letters must be either thrown in the orange boxes around the town or submitted at a post office. To call out of the Czech Republic dial 00 followed by the country code, area code and the number you are calling. The country code for the Czech Republic is 00420.

Accommodation is the most expensive part; the charge for accommodation in the Halls of Residence is between CZK 2,500 and 3,000 per month. The average rent for a flat in Zlín starts at CZK 7,000/month.

Students may take their meals in other facilities than the Refectory (student canteen), depending on how much money they want to spend. There is a lot of restaurants, canteens and snack bars in the surroundings of the University buildings. Restaurant meals cost between CZK 85 and 180.

Shopping in the city centre is very easy. There are many national or international shopping chains, hypermarkets and supermarkets there (Kaufland, Tesco, Billa, Lidl). Lots of shops offer everything you need: Clothing, footwear, cosmetics, books, food, etc.

Approximate prices of selected food in the Czech Republic:

BreadCZK 301 loaf
Roll, bunCZK 21 piece
MilkCZK 151 litre
WaterCZK 121.5 litre
Beer (Draught)CZK 300.5 litre
CoffeeCZK 40cup
TeaCZK 25cup
Butter / MargarineCZK 45250 g
HamCZK 1801 kg
EggsCZK 3010 pcs
YogurtCZK 120.2 litre
PotatoesCZK 301 kg
ApplesCZK 351 kg
BananasCZK 301 kg
Chicken breastCZK 1201 kg

All buildings of TBU in Zlín are easily walkable on foot or within easy reach of public transportation (buses, trolleybuses and trains). To use public transport you need a valid ticket (CZK 12 – 20) stamped in a machine immediately after getting on the vehicle, or a season ticket . One-way tickets can be purchased at many stands, in some shops or in ticket machines at stops. You can also buy a ticket from the driver but it is more expensive.

Zlín has a rich cultural offer: Theatres, philharmonic orchestra, libraries, galleries and museums. Both the Malenovice castle and the ruins of the Lukov castle are situated nearby. Festivals of classical and folklore music, a theatre festival and other cultural events are held annually, with the most famous among them being the International Film Festival for Children and Youth. A major tourist attraction is the ZOO in Zlín – one of the most beautiful zoological gardens in the Czech Republic.

Zlín offers a wide range of sporting and leisure opportunities. There is a lot of sports facilities in the town, i.e. indoor and outdoor swimming pools, two ice–skating rinks, an artificial ski slope, squash, tennis and bowling centres. There are great opportunities to go hiking, cycling, fishing or horse riding. Zlín also holds several prestigious sports events, e.g. the Barum Rally – European Rally Championship, which runs through the town and its surroundings in summer.

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