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General Information for Students

Facilities for Special Needs Students

TBU aims to provide maximum support to disabled students studying at the University. All buildings including the Residence Halls, Refectory and Library are adapted to wheelchair access. The Residence Halls offer two rooms adapted to take wheelchairs and fitted with special equipment for physically handicapped students.

All faculties are able to adjust the study requirements to the needs of disabled students, above all to create individual study plans. It is advisable to discuss the options for studies of disabled students with Vice-Deans for Pedagogical Activities and/or with Student Affairs Officers at the respective Faculties.

The TBU Counselling Centre also provides services to disabled applicants and students at TBU; they are offered psychological counselling services and diagnostics, useful advice regarding study and legal regulations, and/or job search and success in the labour market in the future.

In 2009 TBU participated in the competition “School without Barriers 2009”, organized by the Committee of Good Will – The Olga Havel Foundation, and received a special award from the CSOB (Czech and Slovak Commercial Bank) in recognition of its individual approach to disabled students.

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