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General Information for Students


After arriving in the Czech Republic, students from the European Union countries should register with one of the local health insurance companies. You will be given a health insurance number which will simplify and speed up the administrative procedure if you have to see a Czech doctor.

EU students should bring with them their European Health Insurance Card to the Czech Republic.

These documents, however, only cover urgent medical care. For this reason you may also wish to take out additional coverage for your stay in the Czech Republic.

Students from countries outside the EU must have a personal health insurance policy. Should you visit a doctor while in the Czech Republic, you will have to pay for your treatment in cash; after returning to your home country you should contact your health insurance company for reimbursement.

Medical Insurance for visa for more than 90 days (long-term visa) – NON-EU CITIZENS
Since 1 January 2010, before collecting their visa for more than 90 days, all applicants are obliged to present a proof of their health insurance arranged with a company authorized to provide this service in the territory of the Czech Republic. The receipt of payment of the policy must be presented at the same time.

You can arrange a medical insurance (Pojistovna VZP, a.s.) online.

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