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Practical Information

WiFi Access

After enrolment at TBU (registration in student system called STAG), you can log in to University Wi-Fi (eduroam) – this login is valid for all „eduroam“ university Wi-Fi networks in all over the world.

Password setup

  1. Visit: wifi.utb.cz
  2. Enter your username and password into the registration form.
    Username is your new university e-mail address (which will get active one day after registration to STAG, if it will not be the active first day):
    So then Username for Wi-Fi is:

    • f_surname@utb.cz for bachelor and master students (where „f“ stands for the first letter of your first name). In case your surname consists of more than one word, enter two last words of your surname (e.g. f_surname1_surname2  or f_surname2_surname3, etc.) OR
    • surname@utb.cz – for doctoral students

The password is firstly your generated Birth code (which you got from your study officer at your first visit during the registration of your studies in the International Office at UTB). When entered correctly it will ask you to renew your password to something new.

3. Set and repeat new password.

Login to Wi-Fi

  • Name of the network (SSID): eduroam
  • Identity: f_surname@utb.cz (or surname@utb.cz for Ph.D. students – because it is world network it needs also the university domain after @ sign)
  • Password: pseudo-birth code or your own password after the change
  • Verification in the network and data encryption: WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
  • Network Authentication method: PEAP (Protected EAP)
  • Authentication method: EAP – MSCHAP v2 
  • Certificate: Unspecified (but allowed)

Instructions for setting up individual operating system

Video tutorial:

Contact to CTC the TBU Wi-Fi network

In case of problems with the computer connected to the eduroam Wi-Fi network, you can contact the local computer network administrator of the relevant faculty, or directly at the Computer Technology Center, Computer Networks Department, building U13, room 219.
Contact email: wifi@utb.cz

Faculties and departments