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Practical Information


Accommodation in the University Halls of Residence is intended only for students who are enrolled for studies or traineeship at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. Most of the international students are usually staying in buildings T. G. M. Hall of Residence (U12) or MSI which are situated within walking distance of all of TBU Faculties (except Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management which has own Halls of Residence in Uherské Hradiště). Restaurants, shops, parks, cinemas, art galleries, congress center with Zlín’s philharmonic orchestra, sports centers, indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. are situated near the Hall of Residence in walking distance.

If you have any questions regarding the TBU’s Halls of Residence, please use the following email address:

Students who would like to arrange their accommodation outside the TBU Halls of Residence can contact real-estate agencies in Zlín or try their luck in one of the groups on Facebook which is dedicated to the accommodation in Zlín. Students are advised to ask for detailed information on electricity, heating, water charges, or the Internet connection (these costs are usually added to the rent) before signing a housing contract. Students who arrange accommodation outside of the Halls of Residence are obliged to inform the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy (Pod Vrškem 5360, Zlín) and the TBU International Office about it.

The TBU International Office is not and cannot be responsible for private accommodation. Bear in mind that living in TBU´s accommodation is a great way to meet other students and get integrated into student life.


Applications for accommodation in the TBU Residence Halls shall be submitted by international students in electronic form in the ISKaM system ( Students who have not been assigned login data to access the TBU portal yet, shall register in the ISKaM system first, and only afterward submit their application for accommodation. Prior payment of a deposit amounting to CZK 2 500 (EUR 94.80; USD 108.50 ) forms part of the submission of the application for accommodation. Without payment of the deposit, TBU Halls of Residence cannot make you a reservation of the bed. The decision on the reservation is visible in the ISKaM system in the deadline given by HoR.

The step-by-step manual for application is available here.

Before your departure from your home country do not forget to inform Halls of Residence and Buddy System Zlín about your exact date of arrival to Zlín.


The price of accommodation is approximately CZK 3,000 (EUR 113.70; USD 130.00) per month per person (it depends on the particular building of HoR). The utilities, most of the services, and Internet connection are included. The full price list can be found here.

The rent has to be paid by the beginning of each month – until the 5th day of each month commenced. This applies to the last month of the stay as well. A penalty fee for late payment is automatically added to the student’s rent if the resident does not meet the due payment date. The default charge for delayed payment is CZK 300 (EUR 11.40; USD 13.00) per day. The resident can also pay more rents or the whole stay within one payment.

The first rent is paid only upon your arrival to the HoR and it can be paid either in cash or bank card directly to the receptionist or via bank transfer (Direct Debit Payment). The confirmation about allowing the direct debit payment to be made from your Czech bank account and credited to the account of the Halls of Residence has to be delivered to the Accommodation Officer without undue delay.

Please note that the cable Internet connection will be available only after signing the Accommodation Contract, i.e. within the following 24 hours. Your Wi-Fi connection should be set-up during the first visit to the International Office.

After checking-in, the resident receives the paper HoR ID card which serves as the accommodation identification card (only until the TBU card is issued). Residents are obliged to show the card automatically to the receptionist when they are entering the building. In case of loss of the HoR ID card or of their keys, residents are obliged to inform the receptionist or the Accommodation Officer and eventually pay the penalty fee for issuing a new pair of keys.

The Accommodation Contract has to be signed without undue delay, during the first working day after the checking-in at the HoR. A resident has to visit the Accommodation Officer during office hours. Along with the Accommodation Contract the resident receives the Halls of Residence Rules and Regulations.

The accommodation contract is concluded for the whole duration of a semester or academic year, i.e.:

  • winter semester: from the beginning of September to the end of January of particular years
  • summer semester: from the beginning of February to the end of June of a particular year
  • whole academic year: from the beginning of September to the end of June of particular years


As soon as the student knows the date of departure, (s)he has to inform the Accommodation Officer about it. If the Accommodation Contract has to be terminated before the agreed date, mutual agreement in writing has to be concluded at least 2 months before the student’s departure. Otherwise, the deposit will not be returned to the student.

A cleaned room has to be shown to the cleaning lady before 13:00 on working days and then handover to the Accommodation Assistant or receptionist.

The check-out from the Residence Hall can be done only during office hours on working days. A confirmation on the Pre-Departure List is given only after the student has returned his/her room in a clean and tidy condition and paid any outstanding amount.

On departure, the student has to return the room key, TBU student card, and all borrowed bed linen and other things to the reception.

If all the requirements set have been fulfilled, the deposit will be returned to the student.

The deposit will not be refunded to the student if the student fails to hand over the assigned room in a clean and tidy condition, damages the Halls of Residence equipment, and/or fails to observe any provision of the Accommodation Contract.


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