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Incoming Students

Application for traineeship

Some of our faculties (especially the Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Applied Informatics) offer the possibility to join the traineeship programme.

If you want to be involved in the selection process for a traineeship, the following documents have to be electronically delivered to the TBU International Office:

  • Motivation Letter (Why do you want to be a trainee at TBU? What is your field of study and expertise?)
  • CV
  • Transcript of Records
  • Confirmation of Study for the relevant academic year.

In case of successful selection, you will need to register in our system called “Portál “.

Afterward, you will need to deliver:

  • Student Application Form (from Portál)
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship (provided by your home institution)

Contact: incoming@utb.cz

Available positions for Traineeship:

Internship positionCredits awarded (Y/N)Available terms (summer, a whole year?)Min. duration (in months)Max. duration (in months)FacultySupervisor
Nanotechnology for development of (bio)electrochemical devicesYwhole year26FTIng. Jaroslav Filip, Ph.D.
Biodegradation of PolymersYwhole year26FTIng. Jana Šerá, Ph.D.
Molecular Biology Methods in Environmental EngineeringYwhole year26FTIng. Jana Šerá, Ph.D.
Zinc hazardous waste treatment using silicone polymersYSummer semester26FTIng. Štěpán Vinter, Ph.D.
Heavy metal determination in soil and sediment samplesYSummer semester26FTIng. Štěpán Vinter, Ph.D.
PAH determination in soil and sediment samples using liquid chromatographyYSummer semester26FTIng. Štěpán Vinter, Ph.D.
Programming of Robotic SystemsYwhole year26FAIprof. Roman Jašek
Network SecurityYwhole year26FAIDr.David Malaník
Modeling of Dynamic Systems in Matlab and Simulink EnvironmentYwhole year26FAIprof.  Roman Prokop
Mathematical Graphics in LaTexYwhole year26FAIprof.  Roman Prokop
Differential Geometry of Riemannian ManifoldsYwhole year26FAIprof.  Roman Prokop
Defense Resources in the Commercial Security Industry.Ywhole year26FAIIng. Zdeněk Malanik
Fire Alarm and Detection SystemsYwhole year26FAIDr. Rudolf Drga
Robotics SystemsYwhole year26FAIAss. Prof. Zdenek Urednicek
Embedded SystemsYwhole year26FAIDr. Petr Dostalek
Microcontrollers applicationsYwhole year26FAIprof. Vladimir Vasek
Automatic Control ApplicationsYwhole year26FAIprof. Vladimir Vasek
Intelligent Building SystemsYwhole year26FAIIng. Martin Zalesak
Time Delay Systems ControlYwhole year26FAIDr. Libor Pekar
Wastes ProcessingYwhole year26FAIprof. Karel Kolomaznik
Heat Processes ModellingYwhole year26FAIprof. Dagmar Janacova
Modern Control MethodsYwhole year26FAIassoc. prof. Marek Kubalcik
Software Cost Estimation ModelsYwhole year26FAIDr. Radek Silhavy
Neural Networks and Software Cost PredictionYwhole year26FAIDr. Radek Silhavy




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