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Lifelong Learning

Basic Information

LL programmes or courses at TBU (hereinafter referred to as “LL programme”) may take the form of vocational courses or hobby courses and are classified as follows:

  1. a) LL programmes carried out within accredited degree programmes,
  2. b) non-accredited LL programmes.

Studies in a LL programme may be carried out in the Czech language or in a different language, in the full-time mode or in the part-time mode or the combination thereof, and that mainly in the form of:

  1. a) training courses, retraining courses, education aimed at extending the expertise, complementary education,
  2. b) education carried out within an accredited degree programme,
  3. c) thematically oriented education, generally a programme series, a course, a specialized workshop, a lecture, a lecture series, a seminar.

The Lifelong Learning at TBU adheres to the internal regulation issued by the University and entitled “Regulations for Lifelong Learning at TBU in Zlín“.

Faculties and departments