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Identification Cards


All students at TBU in Zlín are obliged to have a student identity card which takes the form of a contactless chip identity card. The student card is one of the documents on study (in accordance with Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions, as amended).

In compliance with Rector’s Decree No. 9/2015, TBU in Zlín issues two types of identity cards: an ID card with ISIC licence and a standard ID card (without ISIC licence). Students can choose only one type of ID card.

Fees related to the issuing of cards and their duplicates adhere to Bursar’s Directive on Fees Related to Administrative Actions Connected to Issuing of Documents, as amended.

The ID card plays an important role mainly within the University: besides serving as a means of identification for students, it also entitles them to a number of internal University services:

  • access to the University buildings, selected premises and lecture rooms,
  • access to the Library and loan services,
  • catering in the facilities of the Halls of Residence and Refectory,
  • payment for reprographic services (copy and print),
  • purchasing in the Textbook and Souvenir Shop.

Student ID Card with ISIC Licence

Only full-time students may receive this type of card. Students have to apply in writing for this card; the issuance fee is CZK 250. The card is valid from September till December of the following year. The validity period of the card can then be extended by buying a revalidation stamp.

Newly admitted full-time students shall receive the request along with the decision on admission, which tends to be sent by particular faculties of TBU in Zlín. The completed and signed request along with the proof of payment shall be submitted on enrolment at the relevant Student Affairs Office. Students usually receive the card during the matriculation ceremony.

The international student ID card with ISIC licence entitles its holders to a series of other services (discounts and advantages) also outside TBU in Zlín. For more information please go to the licence provider website: www.isic.cz.

Extension of the Validity Period of the Student ID Card with ISIC Licence

Full-time students who are holders of the student identity card with ISIC licence and would like to extend the validity period of the card, can do so by submitting a request and buying a revalidation stamp at the price of CZK 250.

It is necessary to complete the request and pay for the stamp either in cash in the Cash Office of TBU in Zlín (nám. T. G. Masaryka 5555), by postal order or cashless bank order to bank account No. 27-1925270277/0100 mentioning the variable code 9502602920.

After presenting the proof of payment on enrolment to another year of studies in full-time mode at the relevant contact point (Student Affairs Office, Research and Development Office), the revalidation stamp will be put on the back of the ID card.

In the event that a student who is the holder of the student ID card with ISIC licence does not want to extend the validity period of his/her card with ISIC licence, the card shall retain the validity of a TBU student ID card for the period of his/her studies and the same provisions are applicable to it as to the standard student card. However, the card will be discarded from the database of valid ISIC cards and will no longer be accepted by the contract partners within the Czech Republic and abroad.

Standard Student Card

All TBU students, except for those full-time students who have applied for the ISIC card, have the standard student card. The first standard card is issued free of charge; students usually receive the card during the matriculation ceremony or at their contact point (Student Affairs Office, Research and Development Office).

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us at prukaz@utb.cz.

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