July 2017

Introduction to OpenFOAM®

Between 27 and 28 July 2017, an eight-hour seminar entitled ‘Introduction to OpenFOAM®’ was held within the ERASMUS+ programme. The seminar was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. João Miguel Nóbrega from the University of Minho, Portugal, and organized by the Polymer Centre at the FT of TBU in Zlín. OpenFOAM® is an open and free Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software for modelling of both transient and stable flows of Newtonian, non-Newtonian and viscoelastic liquids.



Novel Trends in Rheology VII

The 7th edition of the international conference entitled “Novel Trends in Rheology VII” took place in the Assembly Hall of Tomas Bata University in Zlín between 26 and 27 July 2017. The event was organized by the Polymer Centre at the Faculty of Technology.

The next edition of this international conference entitled Novel Trends in Rheology VIII is scheduled to take place from 30 to 31 July 2019 (


Comments by attendees:

Mr. Olivier Catherine (Cloeren Incorporated, USA): ‘I was very impressed by the very professional organization of the conference. Yet there was a very nice and friendly atmosphere. The diversity and quality of topics and presenters made it very useful for my company to attend – I wish to come again for the next edition in two years’.

Prof. Savvas G. Hatzikiriakos (The University of British Columbia, Canada): ‘This is the third NTR conference in a row that I am participating and every time I enjoy it more and more. Prof Zatloukal is selecting very carefully the speakers and places them in an order than make sense thematically. This makes the overall program very interesting keeping the interest of the audience at a high level. The large number of question after each talk is an indication of the high level of science presented and discussed in this conference. The fact that the poster session, the lunch area and the exhibitors are in the same area contributes significantly to keeping the participants active continuously. I am already looking forward to the next one in July 2019.

Prof. Christopher W. Macosko (University of Minnesota, USA): ‘It was my first time to attend and I appreciated the high quality of the contributions and the pleasant venue. The advantage of a small conference with only one track is that one can make good connections with the speakers and attendees.’

Prof. Helmut Münstedt (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany): ‘As the conferences before, Novel Trends in Rheology VII provided a high standard of presentations and offered an excellent environment for fruitful discussions.’

Prof. Manfred H. Wagner (Berlin Institute of Technology, TU Berlin, Germany): ‘It is always good to come to this very interesting and superbly organized rheology meeting at Zlin every 2 years to meet and exchange ideas with old and new colleagues, to discuss the progress in the field of rheology and polymer processing, and last but not least to enjoy the warm hospitality of our colleagues of Tomas Bata University. Vivant sequentes!.’

Prof. Manfred Wilhelm (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry, Germany): ‘This conference is very special, it is rather small but the Presenters are from all over the world. The level of the presentations is very high and direct communication is much more possible as in many other places. So, if you have the chance, go there, it is really worth going! I myself was there the first time, and if possible I will attend also the next conference in 2 years.’

Prof. Donggang Yao (School of Materials Science & Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA): ‘This conference is one of the best rheology conferences I have ever attended. I was thrilled to meet many internationally renowned scholars and pioneers in rheology. The conference had a balanced theme in theory and applications. The discussions after presentations were intriguing and inspiring too. It was a total success!!’

May 2017

‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for Conference Papers in the Field of Applied Rheology

On 9 May 2017, the members of the “Applied Rheology” research team, namely Jiří Drábek, Wannes Sambaer and Martin Zatloukal, received a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ awarded at the ANTEC 2017 international conference, Anaheim, California, USA, by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), Applied Rheology Division, and that for their papers entitled ‘Measurement and Modeling of Flow Behaviour for Melt Blown Polymer Melt in Very Wide Deformation Rate Range’ and ‘Applied Rheology for Characterization of Nanofiber Based Filters’. The first of the papers was prepared in cooperation with the University of Bradford, UK (Dr. Mike Martyn), the second one in cooperation with the Zlín-based company SPUR a.s. (Ing. Dušan Kimmer, CSc.).



November 2016

Successful Defence of Doctoral Thesis in the English Language

On 30 November 2016 Kadir Özaltin, M.Sc. successfully defended his doctoral thesis
(Topic: Bioactive polymer surfaces based on polyethylene).

Confirmation of Research Excellence

On 31 October 2016 the Expert Panels of the Government Office for Science, Research and Innovations drew up a list of excellence based on the methodology of evaluation of results of research organizations, which also includes the Sub-Pillar II. Twenty per cent of the top ranked results for the year also feature the research work prepared by the Applied Rheology research group of the Polymer Centre of the Faculty of Technology of TBU in Zlín and entitled “3D modeling of filtration process via polyurethane nanofiber based nonwoven filters prepared by electrospinning process” (Specialization – Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering). The full list in Czech has been posted here:


The research work in question presents a novel modeling approach for gas filtration through polymeric nanofiber based filters prepared by electrospinning process utilizing a realistic 3D structure model. The model considers slip/transition/free molecular flow regime, Brownian diffusion, particle–polymeric fiber interactions, aerodynamic slip at the fiber surface and sieve. It has been revealed that the change of the particle – fiber friction coefficient has one of the highest effects on the filtration efficiency, especially for nanoparticles having diameter less than about 200 nm. The proposed modeling tools can be used for fundamental understanding of gas filtration through polymeric nanofiber based on filters prepared by electrospinning process as well as for their production, optimization and enhancement with respect to the specific application.

In 2014, the paper received the Chemical Engineering Science Award - Top Cited Papers for 2011 and 2012.


Top Cited Papers Certificate-page-001.jpg

September 2016

Eight Months’ Study Period at the University of Waterloo, Canada

Between 6 January and 9 September 2016, Ing. Tomáš Barbořík (Ph.D. student in the Polymer Centre) took part in an eight months’ study period at the University of Waterloo in Canada. The study period was aimed at viscoelastic modeling of polymer melt flow with free surface. The Polymer Centre of the Faculty of Technology at TBU in Zlín and the University of Waterloo have been cooperating for 20 years already, in particular in the field of applied rheology of polymer melts, flow instabilities during co-extrusion, process modeling during polymer processing and preparation of new types of polymer materials. Prof. Costas Tzoganakis from the University of Waterloo assessed the research carried out by Tomáš Barbořík as follows: “His work was of theoretical nature and involved a comprehensive literature survey of the topic, development of model equations, significant computer code programming and testing and extensive numerical simulations using single-mode and multi-mode relaxation time spectra. The results of this important work are being summarized and will be published in manuscripts which are currently under preparation. This is a tremendous amount of work for such a short time period. Furthermore, the caliber of his research work is very high and I am convinced that the outcome of his publications will have a lasting impact on the scientific literature”.

Professor Tzoganakis and Tomas.jpg


September 2016

Eight Months’ Study Period at the University of Bradford, Great Britain

Between 4 January and 4 September 2016, Ing. Bc. Jiří Drábek (Ph.D. student in the Polymer Centre) took part in an eight months’ study period at the University of Bradford in Great Britain. The study period was aimed at studying the flow behaviour of low-viscosity polymers under conditions occurring during the manufacturing of polymer nanofibres by using the melt blown technology. The Polymer Centre of the Faculty of Technology at TBU in Zlín and the University of Bradford have been cooperating for more than 15 years, in particular in the field of applied rheology of polymer melts, advanced polymer processing, visualisation of flow instabilities during extrusion and co-extrusion, and process modeling during polymer processing. Dr. Michael Martyn from the University of Bradford assessed the research carried out by Jiří Drábek as follows: “Jiri developed new and improved methods of analyzing the measured raw pressure and screw displacement data. The analysis allowed the determination of rheological behavior of polymer melts more precisely”.



August 2016

Successful Defences of Doctoral Theses in the English Language

On 26 August 2016 Ing. Gabriela Jandíková successfully defended her doctoral thesis
(Topic: Tailoring of polylactide properties and degradation behaviour through various modification approaches).

On 26 August 2016 Mr. Antonio Di Martino successfully defended his doctoral thesis
(Topic: Polymeric nanoparticles for encapsulation and controlled release of bioactive compounds).

June 2016

Successful Defences of Doctoral Theses in the English Language

On 29 June 2016 Ing. Tomáš Plachý successfully defended his doctoral thesis
(Topic: Preparation and properties of materials for intelligent systems).

On 29 June 2016 Ing. Barbora Hanulíková successfully defended her doctoral thesis
(Topic: Electronic properties of polysilylenes studied in silico on
oligomers in various conformations).

May 2016

International Award in the Sphere of Applied Rheology of Polymers

On 23 May 2016, members of the Applied Rheology research team - Ing. Jiří Drábek (PhD student) and Prof. Martin Zatloukal - received the Best Paper Award at the international ANTEC 2016 conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, from the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), Applied Rheology Division. Title of the paper: Evaluation of Branched Polypropylene Degradation by Using Different Constitutive Equations.


Successful Defence of a Doctoral Thesis in the English Language

On 20 May 2016 Ing. et Ing. Kateřina Sulovská successfully defended her doctoral thesis
(Topic: Preparation and Characterization of Antibacterial Surfaces).

December 2015

Successful Defences of Doctoral Theses

On 11 December 2015 Ing. Alena Pavelková successfully defended her doctoral thesis
(Topic: Biodegradable Polyesters and Polyanhydrides for Advanced Applications).

On 16 December 2015 Rushita Jaswant Shah successfully defended her doctoral thesis
(Topic: Biomineralized and Stimuli Responsive Hydrogel for Biomedical Applications).

September 2015

Research Internship in the Borealis Polyolefine Company, Austria

From 20 to 26 September 2015, Ing. Jiří Drábek, a Ph.D. student in the Polymer Centre, took part in an internship in the Borealis Polyolefine GmbH, Linz, Austria. The cooperation between the FT of TBU in Zlín and the Borealis Polyolefine company has been running for many years, and that in particular in the field of applied rheology for polyolefins and of polymer nanofibres.


July 2015

International Conference “Novel Trends in Rheology VI”

The 6th edition of the international conference entitled “Novel Trends in Rheology VI” took place at the Faculty of Technology of Tomas Bata University in Zlín between 28 July and 29 July 2015 ( The event was organized in cooperation with the Applied Rheology Division (the Society of Plastics Engineers, USA) and the Czech Group of Rheology and aimed at capturing the recent development in areas of experimental and theoretical rheology, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, applied rheology for advanced polymer processing with specific attention to polymeric nanofibers production.

A number of recognized experts from the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Russia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (representing both the academic and the industrial sphere) took part in the event. The conference proceedings entitled ‘Novel Trends in Rheology VI’ were published by the American Institute of Physics.




October 2014

On 16 October 2014, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic awarded the degree of “Doctor of Science” (DSc.) to Prof. Martin Zatloukal, and that based on a successful defence of his DSc. thesis entitled “Applied rheology for polymers: From characterization to modeling and flow instabilities” in front of the commission for Macromolecular Chemistry.

Rules for the awarding of the scientific degree of “Doctor of Science” as well as other information is posted on the website of the Academy of Sciences of the CR:

The award ceremony will take place in the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague on Wednesday, 26 November 2014.

September 2014

Assoc. Prof. Qilin Cheng Has Been Appointed Professor at the ECUST

Assoc. Prof. Qilin Cheng, who works as a researcher at the Polymer Centre, was appointed Professor in Material Science at the East China University of Science and Technology with effect from 1 September 2014.

Professor Debes Bhattacharyya from the University of Auckland in New Zealand visiting TBU

From September 10 to September 12, 2014 Professor Debes Bhattacharyya from the University of Auckland will visit Tomas Bata University in Zlin. He is a distinguished Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the founding Director of the Centre for Advanced Composite Materials (CACM) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He also holds an Adjunct Professor position at Washington State University, Pullman, USA. His current research interest primarily includes the mechanics and manufacturing of composite materials.

Debes Bhattacharyya.jpgUniversity of Auckland.jpg

August 2014

Successful Defences of Doctoral Theses

On 27 August 2014, Ing. Zdenka Kuceková successfully defended her doctoral thesis
(Topic: In vitro testing of biological properties of polyaniline).
On 28 August 2014, Ing. Pavel Bažant, successfully defended his doctoral thesis
(Topic: Preparation and properties of composite materials for potential medical and sanitary application).
On 28 August 2014, Ing. Jakub Sedlák, successfully defended his doctoral thesis
(Topic: Multiscale hierarchical ZnO-based composite systems).

Defences of Doctoral Theses

Defences of doctoral theses by PhD students from the Polymer Centre are scheduled to take place in the room No. 419, U11 building, University Institute of TBU in Zlín, as follows:

Ing. Zdenka Kuceková – 13:00, Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ing. Jakub Sedlák – 12:00, Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ing. Pavel Bažant – 13:00, Thursday, 28 August 2014

July 2014
On 18 July 2014, Ilona Smolkova, M.Sc. successfully defended her doctoral thesis (Topic: Iron oxide nanoparticles and polymer composites on basis thereof for magnetic hyperthermia).

June 2014
On 24 June 2014, two PhD students successfully defended their doctoral theses: Ing. Zuzana Kožáková (Topic: Tailoring of magnetic fillers for polymer composites and suspensions) and Ing. Pavel Urbánek (Topic: Electronic properties of thin polymer films: A study of structure between nano- and microscale). Both of them will join the Centre of Polymer Systems as Junior Researchers.

March 2013
Invitation – Lecture and Workshop Held on 28 March 2013
A lecture on Misconceptions in Chemistry by Ms. Ruhan Benlikaya, Ph.D. and a workshop on Structures Based on Carbon Nanotubes as Sensors of Deformation and VOC Vapor Detectors held by doc. Ing. Petr Slobodian, Ph.D. will take place on 28 March 2013.

The lecture will start in the U11 building (Room 419) at 9am, it will be followed by lunch (banquet), theoretical preparation for the workshop, transfer to U1 and practical training in the laboratory (U1/340).

Please send your applications to holman@ft_utb_cz before 26 March 2013.

October/December 2012
In the period from October to December 2012 Dr. Evelina Frontera (Chemistry Department, National University of Rio Cuarto, Argentina) worked in the Polymer Centre as a visiting researcher.

October/November 2012
Ms. Bani Chatterjee, Ph.D., Professor in the field of economics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, visited the Polymer Centre in the period from 22 October to 10 November 2012.
During her visit she collaborated with the employees of the Technology Transfer Centre and of the Faculty of Management and Economics in the form of discussions and lectures.
These were the lecture topics:
i) Adaptive Innovation Paradigm: Global Issues and Challenges (U11, Technology Park, TBU in Zlín, 6 November 2012)
ii) Business in India (U2, Faculty of Management and Economics, TBU in Zlín, 8 November 2012)

June 2012
Lecture on collaboration with institutions abroad
Dear colleagues,
we would like to invite you to attend the lecture by Ing. Václav Suchý, CSc. – TC AS Prague about international cooperation in R&D. The lecture will be given in English and is entitled: “Supporting international collaboration in research and development: an overview of the programmes available to Czech companies and academia”.
Venue, date and time: Room 419, U11, 10:00, Thursday, 7 June 2012.
The entry is free, refreshments will be available!

April 2012
Dear colleagues,
we would like to remind you of the invitation to the lecture and workshop to be held on Friday, with both of them focusing on measuring of diffusion reflectance spectra of various materials, in particular of powder materials.

February 2012
Shimadzu Awards 2012 – the company Shimadzu has announced the 15th edition of the contest for young students of chemistry.

November 2011
Student scientific contest held at TBU in Zlín
On 4 November 2011, the student scientific contest entitled "Materials Based on Synthetic and Natural Polymers" took place in the University Institute at TBU in Zlín.
Out of the total number of 21 participating students, 10 students take part in the implementation of the project “Centre of Polymer Systems” (CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0111). The winner was Mr. Wannes Sambaer, M.Sc. with his paper "3D Air Filtration Modelling for Nanofiber Based Filters in the Ultrafine Particle Size Range", who focuses on the presented issue within the “Centre of Polymer Systems” project. Ing. Lenka Gřundělová was the runner-up; she delivered a presentation on the topic of "Influence of Surfactant on the Size of Hyaluronan Polymer Coil". The third place went to Ing. Martin Bednařík for his presentation entitled "Does the Irradiation of Polymers Influence the Durability of Glued Joints?".

October 2011
Dear PhD students,
I would like to inform you about the student scientific conference on the subject of "Materials Based on Synthetic and Natural Polymers", to be held in the room No. 419, U11 building, at 09:00 on 4 November 2011.
On this occasion, there will be a contest for the best presentation on the above-mentioned topic:
1st place – CZK 20,000
2nd place – 15,000
3rd place – 10,000
Each student is expected to give a presentation of approx. 8-10 minutes, in Czech, Slovak or English. Please send the name of your presentation to Doc. M. Lehocky by e-mail ( lehocky@post_cz ) no later than Wednesday, 2 November 2011.
With best regards,
Prof. Ing. Petr Sáha, CSc.

September 2011
The internal dissertation defence of Mr. Marcin Kostrzewa MSc., a PhD student, will take place in the room No. 419, U11 building (UNI) at 8:30 on Wednesday, 14 September.

September 2010
In September 2010 new Ph.D. students arrived at the Polymer Centre: Ing. Zdenka Kuceková, Ing. Pavel Kucharczyk, Ing. Lenka Kutějová, Ing. Daniel Matejík, Ing. Jakub Sedlák and Ing. Pavel (full-time students); Ing. Roman Bořuta, Ing. Aleš Hlavička, Ing. Jaroslav Měchura, Ing. Thomas Haenel and Ing. Gabriela Vondrová (part-time students). We wish them every success during their studies!

July 2010
Niladri Roy, M.Tech., M.Sc., received the Best Poster Award at the PPS-26 conference (Polymer Processing Society 26th Annual Meeting, 4.-8. July, Banff, Canada). Poster here.

June 2010
In March, Ahmad Asadinezhad, M.Sc. completed the Ph.D. programme. Congratulations!

Dr. Adriana Gregorova from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna visited the Polymer Centre.

May 2010
Professor Martin Zatloukal was awarded the Best Paper Award at the SPE ANTEC 2010 (Society of Plastic Engineers - Annual Technical Conference) conference in Orlando, Florida. Link here.

March 2010 
In March  we had the honour to welcome a British scientist Professor Sir Nicholas Wald, a preventative medicine specialist and epidemiologist, one of the founders of antenatal screening.  

Two Mongolian students completed the Ph.D. programme: Onon Otgonzul, M.Sc. and Solongo Ganbold, M.Sc. Congratulations!

January 2010
Musa Sowe, M.Sc. succesfully completed the Ph.D. programme. Congratulations!

November 12.-13., 2009
Dr. Hua Bao and Prof. Yingnan Chen from the East China University of Science and Technology visited the Polymer Centre.

July 2009
Between 6 and 9 July 2009 Prof. Giuseppe Titomanlio (University of Salerno, Italy), Member of the Executive Committee of the Polymer Processing Society, USA, paid visit to the Polymer Centre and the University Institute at TBU in Zlin.

In July two researchers from Iran arrived at TBU for a short-term stay - Dr. Hossein Ali Khonakdar Sangdehi (Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Tehran) and Ms. Gity Mir Mohamad Sadeghi (Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran).

June 2009
On 2 June 2009 Mr. Qilin Cheng, M. Sc., Ph.D. was awarded the title of Outstanding Overseas Chinese Student by the Chinese Government during the awarding ceremony at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Prague.

May 2009
Prof. Kira Nikolaevna Makovetskaya from the Russian Research Centre for Radiology and Surgical Technologies, Federal Agency of High Medical Care Technology in Russia visited the Polymer Centre.

April 2009
Between 12-18 April 2009 Dr. Felice de Santis and Dr. Renata Adami from the University of Salerno, Italy, visited the Polymer Centre.

March 2009
Galina Kubyshkina from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia visited the Polymer Centre.

February 2009
Doc. Dr. Ing. Vladimír Pavlínek received the prestigious Morand Lambla Award given by the Polymer Processing Society, USA, to honour outstanding young researchers (maximum age limit of 45 years),in the field of polymer processing.

January 2009
On 20th January 2009, the Polymer Centre staff had the honour to welcome a distinguished guest - H.E. Mamour A. Jagne, Ambassador of the Republic of the Gambia to the European Union.

On 16th January 2009, Mr. Pongprapat Piyamanocha from Thailand - a new Ph.D. student at the Polymer Centre - arrived in Zlin. We wish him every success during his studies!

December 2008
In December 2008 Prof. G.B. Nando from ITT Kharagpur (India) visited the Polymer Centre.

October 2008
New Ph.D. students have arrived at the Polymer Centre: Ing. Pavel Bažant, Ing. Jarmila Černochová, Ing. Roman Kolařík, Ing. Marcin Kostrzewa, M.Sc., Ing. Lucie Marcaníková, Ing. Jan Musil, Ing. Robert Olejník, Wannes Sambaer, M.Sc., Ing. Michal Sedlačík, Ing. Josef Švach, Ing. František Bílek and Dietmar Böttner, M.Sc. We wish them successful studies!

September 2008
In the month of September the Polymer Centre had the honour to welcome visitors from China – researchers from the Sichuan University (Polymer Research Institute, State Key Laboratory of Polymer Material Engineering) – Prof. Wen Xu and her colleagues: Dr. Huawei Zou, Dr. Mei Liang and Mr. Sun Shaomin.

December 2007
In December the last 2 Ph.D. students arrived at the Polymer Centre - Saarai Amarjargal from Mongolia and Jorge Andres Lopez from Colombia. We wish them every success during their studies!

27 – 28 November 2007
Prof. Takeshi Kikutani, President-Elect of the Polymer Processing Society, and Mr. S. Takada, representatives of the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, visited the Polymer Centre.

5-6 November 2007
Dr. Hossein Ali Khonakdar from the Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute in Tehran visited the Polymer Centre.

October 2007
In October new Ph.D. students from abroad arrived at the Polymer centre - Dulamsuren Jambaldorj from Mongolia, Andres Bernal Ballen from Colombia and Niladri Roy from India. Good luck!

August 14-15, 2007
International conference "Novel Trends in Rheology II"
Polymer Centre, Faculty of Technology, Tomas Bata University in Zlin in cooperation with Czech Group of Rheology, which belongs to the Czech Chemical Society, and the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) will organize an international conference focused on novel trends in rheology of complex fluids and polymer processing. More information available here.