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Agile application security : enabling security in a continuous delivery pipeline
Applying nanotechnology for environmental sustainability
Art business today : 20 key topics
Automated enterprise systems for maximizing business performance
Biomaterials : biological production of fuels and chemicals
Biotechnological production of natural ingredients for food industry.
Business infrastructure for sustainability in developing economies
Computer Vision and Image Processing in Intelligent Systems and Multimedia Technologies.
Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites for Supercapacitors.
Conjugated polymers and oligomers : structural and soft matter aspects
Contemporary approaches and strategies for applied logistics
Control of mechatronic systems
Cosmetic photodynamic therapy
Customer segmentation and clustering using SAS Enterprise Miner
Defensive security handbook : best practices for securing infrastructure
Design it! : from programmer to software architect
Designing distributed systems : patterns and paradigms for scalable, reliable services
Driving innovation and business success in the digital economy
Driving multinational enterprises through effective global talent management
Emerging innovations in agile software development
Engineering Secure Internet of Things Systems
Enterprise change management : how to prepare your organization for continuous change
Enterprise information systems and the digitalization of business functions
Enterprise resiliency in the continuum of change: emerging research and opportunities
Enterprise security risk management : concepts and applilcations
Environmental Science and Engineering.
Fluorinated polymers.
Fluorinated polymers.
Food biosensors
Food irradiation technologies : concepts, applications and outcomes
Food microbiology : processing technology and feed additives.
Food science, production, and engineering in contemporary economies
Frontiers in biomaterials.
Functional polymer composites with nanoclays
Handbook of healthcare management
Handbook of research on global enterprise operations and opportunities
Handbook of Research on Healthcare Administration and Management.
Handbook of research on promoting business process improvement through inventory control techniques
Handbook of research on security considerations in cloud computing
Handbook of research on small and medium enterprises in developing countries
Handbook of research on threat detection and countermeasures in network security
Hands-on machine learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow : concepts, tools, and techniques to build intelligent systems
Health economics and healthcare reform : breakthroughs in research and practice
Healthcare finance : an introduction to accounting & financial management
Hyperbranched Polymers: Macromolecules in between Deterministic Linear Chains and Dendrimer Structures.
Chemistry for environmental engineering
Identity management : a business perspective
Improving Organizational Effectiveness with Enterprise Information Systems.
Influence of public policy on small social enterprises : emerging research and opportunities
Information security handbook : develop a threat model and incident response strategy to build a strong information security framework
Information technology risk management and compliance in modern organizations
Information technology security fundamentals
Intelligent applications for heterogeneous system modeling and design
Knowledge management initiatives and strategies in small and medium enterprises
Leading innovation, creativity and enterprise
Lean enterprise
Managing security issues and the hidden dangers of wearable technologies
Maximizing business performance and efficiency through intelligent systems
Membrane computing for distributed control of robotic swarms : emerging research and opportunities
Microbial biotechnology in environmental monitoring and cleanup
Mobilizing knowledge in healthcare : challenges for management and organization
Model-based design for effective control system development
Model-driven software engineering in practice
Modern software engineering methodologies for mobile and cloud environments
Multinational enterprise management strategies in developing countries
Nanoparticles in active polymer food packaging
Open innovation and knowledge management in small and medium enterprises
Optimizing contemporary application and processes in open source software
Polymer Engineering
Polymers for personal care products and cosmetics
Porous Polymers: Design, Synthesis and Applications.
Promoting global environmental sustainability and cooperation
Quality management in a lean health care environment
RESTful web clients : enabling reuse through Hypermedia
Robot-proof : higher education in the age of artificial intelligence
Routing protocols and architectural solutions for optimal wireless networks and security
Security and privacy management, techniques, and protocols
Security management in mobile cloud computing
Semiconducting polymers : controlled synthesis and microstructure
Sensing Techniques for Food Safety and Quality Control.
Small business in a global economy : creating and managing successful organizations
Social enterprise and impact investment beyond the benefit corporation : trust, public benefit and capital markets
Soft robots for healthcare applications : design, modelling, and control
Soft-computing-based nonlinear control systems design
Software design X-Rays : fix technical debt with behavioral code analysis
Strategic information systems and technologies in modern organizations
Technologies for the treatment and recovery of nutrients from industrial wastewater
The guidance of an enterprise economy
The MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE : theory and history
Understanding the Digital World.
Wireless sensor and robot networks : from topology control to communication aspects


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