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Academic crowdsourcing in the humanities : crowds, communities and co-production
Advances in food rheology and its applications
Advances in potato chemistry and technology
An introduction to ethical, safety and intellectual property rights issues in biotechnology
Application Performance Management (APM) in the digital enterprise : managing applications for cloud, mobile, IoT and eBusiness
Assessment of vulnerability to natural hazards : a European perspective
Augmented reality : an emerging technologies guide to AR
Bank risk management in developing economies : addressing the unique challenges of domestic banks
Bioactive seaweeds for food applications natural ingredients for healthy diets
Biocomposites for high-performance applications : current barriers and future needs towards industrial development
Biochemistry of lipids, lipoproteins and membranes
Biomaterials : a systems approach to engineering concepts
Biopolymers : applications and trends
Biopolymers for food design
Biotechnology for beginners
Building a travel risk management program : traveler safety and duty of care for any organization
Ciottone’s disaster medicine
Computational methods and production engineering : research and development
Contemporary security management
Cosmetic science and technology : theoretical principles and applications
Data mining : practical machine learning tools and techniques
Data mining applications with R
Data treatment in environmental sciences : multivaried approach
Designing Healthcare That Works A Sociotechnical Approach.
Digital participation through social living labs : valuing local knowledge, enhancing engagement
Effective security management
Emerging nanotechnologies in food science
Engineering analysis with ANSYS software
Environmental inorganic chemistry for engineers
Environmental organic chemistry for engineers
Financing entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets
Food control and biosecurity
Food fraud
Food hygiene and toxicology in ready to eat foods
Food packaging and preservation
Food safety and preservation : modern biological approaches to improving consumer health
Fundamental biomaterials : polymers
Fundamentals of geoenvironmental engineering : understanding soil, water, and pollutant interaction and transport
Global supply chain security and management : appraising programs, preventing crimes
Handbook of food bioengineering.
Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry
Handbook of statistical analysis and data mining applications
Healthcare Emergency Incident Management Operations Guide.
Healthcare technology management systems : towards a new organizational model for health services
Human modeling for bio-inspired robotics : mechanical engineering in assistive technologies
Hybrid polymer composite materials : structure and chemistry
Hybrid Polymer Composite Materials : Processing
Hybrid polymer composite materials : properties and characterisation
Hybrid polymer composite materials : Applications
Characterization of polymeric biomaterials
Implementation of robot systems : an introduction to robotics, automation, and successful systems integration in manufacturing
Innovation and future trends in food manufacturing and supply chain technologies
Innovative food processing technologies : extraction, separation, component modification and process intensification
Integrated system health management : perspectives on systems engineering techniques
Integrating emergency management and disaster behavioral health : one picture through two lenses
Introduction to agent-based economics
Introduction to mobile robot control
It manager’s handbook : getting your new job done
Managing medical devices within a regulatory framework
Manufacturing and novel applications of multilayer polymer films
Materials selection in mechanical design
MATLAB : a practical introduction to programming and problem solving
Microbiorobotics : biologically inspired microscale robotic systems
Nanobiomaterials in galenic formulations and cosmetics : applications of nanobiomaterials
Nanoencapsulation of Food Bioactive Ingredients : Principles and Applications.
Nanotechnology applications in food : flavor, stability, nutrition and safety
Novel fire retardant polymers and composite materials
Nutrition and functional foods for healthy aging
Physical therapy management
PID control with intelligent compensation for exoskeleton robots
Polymer-based nanocomposites for energy and environmental applications
Practical business statistics
Probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics : bioactive foods in health promotion
Proteomics in food science : from farm to fork
Purification of laboratory chemicals
Rehabilitation robotics : technology and application
Security and resilience in intelligent data-centric systems and communication networks
Security Metrics Management : Measuring the Effectiveness and Efficiency of a Security Program
Self-assembling biomaterials : molecular design, characterization and application in biology and medicine
Soft Chemistry and Food Fermentation
Software architecture for big data and the cloud
Specialized injection molding techniques
Starch in Food (Second Edition)
Technology and applications of polymers derived from biomass
The science and technology of flexible packaging : multilayer films from resin and process to end use
The vitamins : fundamental aspects in nutrition and health
Understanding augmented reality : concepts and applications
Understanding Food Systems : Agriculture, Food Science, and Nutrition in the United States
Wine science : principles and applications


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