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21st century corporate citizenship : a practical guide to delivering value to society and your business
Advances in accounting behavioral research.
Advances in accounting education.
Advances in accounting education.
Advances in Business and Management Forecasting.
Advances in environmental accounting & management : social and environmental accounting in Brazil
Advances in global leadership.
Advances in group processes.
Advances in hospitality and leisure.
Advances in management accounting
Advances in management accounting.
Advances in mergers and acquisitions
Advances in Pacific Basin business economics and finance.
Advances in taxation.
Africa : the future of management education.
Age diversity in the workplace : an organizational perspective
And now what? : a guide to leadership and taking charge in your new rule
Anthropological considerations of production, exchange, vending and tourism
Applications of management science
Breaking the zero-sum game : transforming societies through inclusive leadership
Breaking up the global value chain : opportunities and consequences
Comprehensive strategic management : a guide for students, insight for managers
Consumer behavior in tourism and hospitality research
Core-periphery patterns across the European Union : case studies and lessons from eastern and southern Europe
Corporate social responsibility and corporate governance : concepts, perspectives and emerging trends in Ibero-America
Corruption, accountability and discretion
Count down : the past, present and uncertain future of the big four accounting firms
Demystifying China’s mega trends : the driving forces that will shake up China and the world
Developing Africa’s financial services : the importance of high-impact entrepreneurship
Developing holistic leadership : a source of business innovation
Developing leaders for positive organizing : a 21st century repertoire for leading in extraordinary times
Distance in international business : concept, cost and value
Economic imbalances and institutional changes to the Euro and the European Union
Electronic HRM in the smart era
Emotion in the library workplace
Emotions and identity
Entrepreneurship education
Entrepreneurship, innovation, and platforms
Ethics in the global South
Extreme teaming : lessons in complex, cross-sector leadership
Feminists and queer theorists debate the future of critical management studies
From categories to categorization : studies in sociology, organizations and strategy at the crossroads
Genes, climate, and consumption culture : connecting the dots
Geography, location, and strategy
Global and culturally diverse leaders and leadership : new dimension and challenges for business, education and society
Global corporate governance
Global leadership talent management : successful selection of global leadership talents as an integrated process
Global opportunities for entrepreneurial growth : coopetition and knowledge dynamics within and across firms
Global tensions in financial markets
Governmental financial resilience : international perspectives on how local governments face austerity
Grassroots leadership and the arts for social change
Green economy in the Western Balkans
Growing presence of real options in global financial markets
How mediation works : theory, research, and practice
How strategic communication shapes value and innovation in society
Human capital and assets in the networked world
Human capital and health behavior
Hybrid ventures
Change management for organizations : lessons from political upheaval in India
Inside knowledge : how women can thrive in professional service firms
Insights and research on the study of gender and intersectionality in international airline cultures
Integral ecology and sustainable business
International business diplomacy
Internationalization of firms : the role of institutional distance on location and entry mode
Internet+ and electronic business in China : innovation and applications
Investment traps exposed : navigating investor mistakes and behavioral biases
Justification, evaluation and critique in the study of organizations : contributions from French pragmatist sociology
Knowledge transfer to and within tourism : academic, industry and government bridges
Making critical sense of immigrant experience : a case study of Hong Kong Chinese in Canada
Management and diversity
Management and diversity : thematic approaches
Managing the ageing workforce in the East and the West
Mastering business for strategic communicators : insights and advice from the C-suite of leading brands
Materiality in financial reporting : an integrative perspective
Methodological challenges and advances in managerial and organizational cognition
Mid-range management theory : competence perspectives on modularity and dynamic capabilities
Modern organisational governance
Multimodality, meaning, and institutions
Multimodality, meaning, and institutions
Multinational companies in China : navigating the eight common management pitfalls
Multinational corporations and organization theory : post millennium perspectives
Multinational enterprises and sustainable development
No business is an island : making sense of the interactive business world
Parables, myths and risks
Power, politics, and political skill in job stress
Production, safety and teamwork in a deep-level mining workplace : perspectives from the rock-face
Qualitative consumer research
Quality control procedure for statutory financial audit : an empirical study
Recovering from catastrophic disaster in Asia
Regression discontinuity designs : theory and applications
Research in economic history
Research in organizational change and development.
Research in personnel and human resources management
Research in the history of economic thought and methodology : including a symposium on new directions in Sraffa Scholarship.
Research in the history of economic thought and methodology.
Research on economic inequality.
Responsible leadership and ethical decision-making
Return of Marxian macro-dynamics in East Asia
Riding the innovation wave : learning to create value from ideas
Rural and small public libraries : challenges and opportunities
Safe mobility : challenges, methodology and solutions
Servitization strategy and managerial control
Shaping social enterprise : understanding institutional context and influence
Sharing in the company : determinants, processes and outcomes of employee participation
Skill mismatch in labor markets
Sociometrics and human relationships : analyzing social networks to manage brands, predict trends, and improve organizational performance
Stakeholder management
Strategy and geopolitics : understanding global complexity in a turbulent world
Structure, content and meaning of organizational networks : extending network thinking
Sustainable negotiation : what physics can teach us about international negotiation
Swarm leadership and the collective mind : using collaborative innovation networks to build a better business
Take care : how to be a great employer for working carers
Talent management in practice : an integrated and dynamic approach
Team dynamics over time
The AGM in Europe : theory and practice of shareholder behaviour
The Austrian and Bloomington schools of political economy
The economic decoding of religious dogmas : ranking world religions in terms of economic consistency
The economics of airport operations
The Emerald handbook of modern information management
The Emerald handbook of public-private partnerships in developing and emerging economies
The executive’s guide to 21st century corporate citizenship : how your company can win the battle for reputation and impact
The experience of democracy and bureaucracy in South Korea
The future of corporate universities : how your company can benefit from value and performance-driven organisational development
The globalization of foreign investment in Africa : the role of Europe, China and India
The great debates in entrepreneurship
The handbook of business and corruption : cross-sectoral experiences
The ideological evolution of human resource management : a critical look into HRM research and practices
The imagination gap
The organization of knowledge : caught between global structures and local meaning
The responsive global organization : new insights from global strategy and international business
The role of microfinance in women’s empowerment : a comparative study of rural & urban groups in India
Trade tales : decoding customers‘ stories
Transport, travel and later life
Understanding Mattessich and Ijiri : a study of accounting thought
Understanding the new business paradigm in Eastern Europe
Visionary leadership in a turbulent world : thriving in the new VUCA context
Walking : connecting sustainable transport with health
Work in the 21st Century : how do I log on?
Working deeply : transforming lives through transformational coaching
World agricultural resources and food security : international food security


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